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Can you name the Marvel Characters By Their Intelligence Level?

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Omniscient Intelligence
Being that initiatied the Secret Wars 
A.I. of the X-Men's danger room 
Cosmic entitiy embodies decay & destruction 
Cosmic being representing all time & reality 
Galan, the 'Devourer of Worlds' 
Clone of Mar-Vell 
Cosmic being that safe-guards the multiverse from any mystical imbalance or potential threat 
Being that steals souls & rules a Hell-like dimension 
Sorcerer supreme of the Otherworld  
Avengers & Guardians of the Galaxy enemy whose upper body is grafted to a machine 
Ruler of the Dream-Dimension 
The All-Father, ruler of Asgard 
Cosmic entity that has used Jean Grey , Rachel Summers, Emma Frost & Cyclops as its host 
Being that is never supposed to interfere w/ the happenings of the universe, but has on occasion 
Ruler of Olympus 
Super-Genius Intelligence
Mighty Avenger & 7th smartest person on earth 
En Sabah Nur, possibly the very 1st mutant 
Nazi scientific biochemist 
X-Men & Avenger, Dr. Hank McCoy 
Victor Von '....', ruler of Latveria 
aliases--Ant-Man, Giant-Man, Yellowjacket, Wasp 
He is obsessed with evolutionary experiments 
Bruce Banner was bombarded w/ gamma radiation 
Tony Stark, founding member of the Avengers 
Gamma radiated, Samuel Sterns 
Reed Richards, leader of the Fantastic Four 
Villain with the most knowledge of mutant genetics 
George Tarleton, designed by A.I.M. scientists 
Harvey Elder, ruler of Subterranea 
Mutant w/ the ability to pick knowledge from others 
Tessa has a computer-like mind capable of infinite recall 
Composed of the greatest Kree minds 
Eternal that is from the moon Titan 
Genius Intelligence
Heinrich '....', former leader of Hydra 
T'Challa, King of Wakanda 
Creator of the Sentinels 
Brian Braddock, founder & leader of Excalibur 
Esteban Coraz√≥n De Ablo, 9th century alchemist 
Otto Octavius, who has four mechanical arms 
James Bradley, mutant leader of X-Club 
Elihas Starr, Intelligencia & Masters of Evil scientist 
Paul Ebersol, cyborg Thunderbolts member 
Dr. Miles Warren, creator of the Spider-Man clones 
Time-Traveling Avengers enemy from Earth-6311 
Geneticist that developed a cure for the x-gene 
Dr. Curt Conners spliced his DNA with a reptiles 
Asgardian God of Mischief 
Monet St. Croix, X-Factor Investigations member 
Genius Intelligence
'Master of Magnetism', Max Eisenhardt  
Villain that calculates probabilities with math 
Insane brother of Black Bolt  
Calvin Zabo, a formula destroyed his sanity 
Experiment turned him into a living vampire 
Genetictist from Muir Island 
Lost his sanity after taking the goblin serum 
Charles Xavier, founder of the X-Men 
Chinese scientist able to control & emit radiation 
Johann Shmidt, Nazi & Captain America arch-nemesis 
Walter Langkowski, founding Alpha Flight member 
Villain that invents incredible gadgets from spare parts 
Adrian Toomes created a flying harness 
Frightful Four leader that created anti-gravity discs 
Alex Powers, founder & leader of Power Pack 

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