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Can you name the Marvel Characters By Their Fighting Abilities?

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Master of all Forms of Combat
Olympus God of War 
Akihiro, son of James Howlett 
A.I. from the X-Men's danger room 
Daniel Rand-Kai (Avengers) 
Son of Professor X w/ multiple personalities 
Uses telepathy to read opponents moves 
alias--'Master of Kung Fu' 
Copys anyones fighting styles/skills to memory 
James Howlett (X-Men & Avengers) 
Master of Several Forms of Combat
Wade Wilson (X-Force Strike Team) 
Maya Lopez, former New Avenger & samurai 
'.......' Natchios, Greek assassin 
Yuriko Oyama, adamantium laced bones, claws 
Bobbi Morse (Avengers & S.H.E.I.L.D.) 
Elizabeth Braddock (X-Men Samurai) 
Frank Castle, New York City vigilante 
Ophelia Sarkissian (HYDRA) 
James Proudstar, Apache X-Men member 
Laura Kinney, clone of James Howlett 
Master of a Single Form of Combat
Dane Whitman, uses a enchanted ebony sword 
T'Challa of King of Wakanda 
Leader of the Brazilian Crime Syndicate 
Avenger, Natalia Romanova 
Vampire strengths & none of their weaknesses 
Lester, villain with perfect accuracy 
Female samurai from Heroes for Hire 
Matt Murdock, 'the man without fear' 
Chauffeur of Tony Stark, master of boxing 
Master of a Single Form of Combat
Patricia Walker (Defender & Avenger) 
Kevin Plunder from the Savage Land 
Wilson Fisk, NYC crime lord 
Goddess warrior of Asgard 
Raven Darkholme, terrorist shapeshifter 
Kitty Pryde, skills of a ninja 
Keniuchio Harada, head of Clan Yashida 
Brunnhilde, Asgardian warrior 
Ally and servent of Doctor Strange 

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