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Can You Name The Marvel Characters Whose Name Begins With The Letters ' V - Z' And Numbers?

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# of IssuesV - ZHint
5,217James Howlett, X-Men with adamantium bones
2,044Janet van Dyne, Avenger that shrinks to insect size
1,826Victor Shade, synthezoid created by Ultron
1,141Simon Williams, Avenger of pure ionic energy
1,025Symbiote that bonds to a host
952'Bucky' Barnes, former sidekick to Capt. America
775Alien being that watch's the universe
718Former New Mutant w/ lycanthropy powers
595Asgardian warrior goddess
539X-Team mutant of Apache descent
507Servent of Doctor Strange
483Spider-Man villain w/ a flying harness
421X-Team member that is a Technarcian
420Asgardian warrior known for his size
409Female clone of James Howlett
366Evil genius and Frightful Four leader
356Former X-Factor government liason
340Wrecking Crew member w/ asgardian powers
339Former leader of Alpha Flight
338Ka-Zar's sabretooth tiger
326Creatures of the night that feed on blood
321Former Power Pack leader that controls gravity
310Daughter of Mr. Fantastic & Invisible Woman
269Terrorist leader of HYDRA
263Jack Russell, victim of a lycan family curse
244Magician son of Scarlet Witch
# of IssuesV - ZHint
235Omega level mutant created by Mr. Sinister
226Demon, formally bonded to Johnny Blaze
226Mutant that can spin his body rapidly
220Feral mutant, & former Alpha Flight member
203Olympus ruler, god of thunder & wisdom
197Native-American ally of the Fantastic Four
176Former New Avengers leason
159Teleporting X-Men villain
152Re-animated corpses that feed on flesh
148Guardians of the Galaxy hunter of Earth-691
147Delroy Garrett, Jr. olympic medalist & Avenger
145WWII speedster & Avengers member
143Atlantean advisor
134Fantastic Four's mailman
122Savage Lander & Marauders member
121A ronin and a X-Men ally
120Speedster Squadron Supreme member
120Iron Man enemy w/ titanium whips
119Jonas, former Young Avengers member
117Stole uniform & identity from Henry Pym
107Simon Utretch, U-Foes leader
104X-Men enemy & religious fundamentalist
101Transformed into a rat creature by Baron Zemo
100Cyborg Runaways member created by Ultron
100Wife of the Kingpin

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