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Can You Name The Students And Teachers That Avengers Academy Members

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True Identity or HintAvengers Academy Members
James Santini *
Emery Schaub *
Aliases--'Ant-Man & Giant-Man' ^
Jeanne Foucalt *
Exposed to Terrigen Mists *
Clint Barton ^
Jennifer Takeda
Olympus 'God of Strength' ^
Alias--'Penance' *
James Marks
Android created by Ultron ^
Vance Astrovik
Teen-Age gifted mechanic
Julie Power *
Alani Ryan *
Adam Aaronson
Kevin Mack
True Identity or HintAvengers Academy Members
Victor Alveraz
Pietro Maximoff
Humberto Lopez
Jonathon Gallo *
Robert Farrell
Lyra (Earth-8009) *
Robert Baldwin
Arana Corazon *
Brandon Sharpe *
Kevin Masterson *
Greer Nelson ^
Michiko Mushashi *
Madelyne Berry
Ava Ayala
Takashi Matsuya *
Laura Kinney

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