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Can you name the Enemies Of The Avengers?

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True Identity or HintAvengers Enemies
Carl 'Crusher' Creel
Olympian God of War
An Atlantean ruler
Heirich & Helmut '....'
Nathan Garrett
Henry Camp
Lester Poindexter
Taneleer Tivan
Luchino Nefaria
Victor von Doom
Dr. Otto Octavius
Elihas Starr
Asgardian sorceress
Asgardian warrior
Paul Ebersol
Erik Josten
Franklin Hall
Paul Pierre Duvall
Johnny Horton
Eric Williams
Parker Robbins
Nathaniel Richards
Nathaniel Richards
True Identity or HintAvengers Enemies
Ulysses Klaw
Michael Korvac
Gustav Brant & a LMD
Arthur Parks
Asgardian God of Mischief
Giuletta Nefaria
Max Eisenhardt
Uses the Ten Power Rings
Jerome Beecham
Nick Fury LMD
Bruno Horgan
Karla Sofen
Merlyn pupil & sorceress
Calvin Zabo
alias--Green Goblin
Space Pirate
Nekra Sinclair
Heroes Reborn Saga Villain
Brian Calusky
Posed as Spider-Woman
Chen Lu
Clone of Thor
Kree Supreme Accuser
True Identity or HintAvengers Enemies
Jake & Mikel Fury
Mac Gargan
Melissa Gold
Shapeshifting alien race
Alien sent by Immortus
Copies other beings powers
Jacques DuQuesne
Tony Masters
Cornelius van Lunt & a LMD
Eternal from the moon Titan
Eliot Franklin
Todd Arliss
Mary MacPherran
June Covington
Android created by H. Pym
Alien symbiote
Possessed Sentry
David Cannon
Leader of the Frightful Four
Simon Williams
Dirk Garthwaite
Rita DeMara

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