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Can you name the Marvel Universes Assassins?

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True Identity or HintMarvel Character
Nijo (Agency X)
Places people in 'Murderworld' to kill them
Natalia Romanova (Avengers)
Fred Myers (Thunderbolts, Sinister Syndicate)
Lester Poindexter (Dark Avengers, Thunderbolts)
Frank Schlichting, former SHIELD agent
Brock Rumlow (Thunderbolts)
Wade Wilson (X-Force, Agency X)
'......' Natchios (The Hand)
Charlie Cluster-7 (Weapon X, X-Force)
Adopted daughter of Thanos
Jason Macendale (Sinister Six)
Maki Matsumoto, The Hands deadliest assassin
Yuriko Oyama (Reavers, Sisterhood of Mutants)
True Identity or HintMarvel Character
Christoph Nord (Weapon X)
Has mastered every fighting style (Thunderbolts)
Raven Darkholme (Marauders, Freedom Force)
Elizabeth Braddock (X-Men, X-Force)
Kwannon (The Hand, X-Men)
Victor Creed (Weapon X, Marauders)
John Greycow (Marauders)
After killing, he says, 'justice is served....'
Kayla Silverfox (Weapon X)
Tony Masters (HYDRA, The Cabal)
Mary Alice Walker (The Hand)
'Bucky' Barnes, former USSR assassin
James Howlett (Weapon X, X-Force)
Laura Kinney (X-Force, X-Men)

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