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Can you name the Marvel Universe Characters Associated With Asgard?

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True Identity or HintMarvel Character
Asgardian God of Light and Prophecy
Inhabitants of the Svartalfheim realm
Mystical construct of armor created to defend Asgard
Inhabitants of the Nidavellir realm
Amora, one of the most powerfull sorceress
Skurge, warrior that can open up portals w/ his axe
Adventurer & swordsman known as'The Dashing'
Gigantic wolf that guards the gates of Hel
Giants that live in the Muspelheim realm
Goddess of marriage and Queen of Asgard
Giants that live in the Jotunheim realm
Guards the Bifrost Bridge connecting Asgard to Earth
Goddess of Death & ruler of Hel & Niffleheim
Warrior & adventurer known as 'The Grim'
Powerfull sorceress and Queen of Nornheim
Former king of Jotunheim
True Identity or HintMarvel Character
Originally known as Algrim the Strong
Beautiful warrior-goddess of Asgard
Inhabitants of the Alfheim realm
Asgardian God of Mischief and a powerful sorcerer
Goddess of Beauty, sorceress & sister of Amora
Ruler of Dark Elves of Svartalfheim
Jormungand, a gigantic dragon banished to Midgard
Monarch of Asgard, the All-Father
Lives within caverns of the Asgard realm
King of the Fire Demons weilding the Twilight Sword
God of Thunder and a founding Avenger
Most powerful & deadliest of the Rock Trolls
Brunnhilde, leader of a army of warrior goddesses
Warrior & adventurer known as 'The Voluminous'
Oldest and most powerful of the Frost Giants

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