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Can you name the Marvel Characters From The Marvel Knights Astonishing X-Men Motion Comics?

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HintX-Men Characters
Director of SWORD
Agent of SWORD
Victor Borkowski, Xavier student w/ a reptile appearance
Hisako Ichiki, Xavier student w/ protective armor
Dr. Henry McCoy, founding X-Men member
Ruth Aldine, blind Xavier student that is a precog
Twin sister of Charles Xavier
Stepford Cuckoo & Xavier student
Piotr Rasputin, X-Men that turns into steel
Scott Summers, X-Men leader w/ concussive blasts
A.I. of the X-Men's Danger Room that mutated
Geneticist that discoverd a cure for the mutant x-gene
alias--White Queen, telepathic X-Men team leader
Joshua Foley, Xavier student w/ healing capabilities
Jullian Keller, Xavier student that is a powerfull telekinetic
Johnny Storm, Fantastic Four member
Paras Gavaskar, Xavier student w/ retractable armor plates
Susan Storm, Fantastic Four member
Original X-Men member that is a telepath
Kitty Pryde's alien dragon friend that is a mole for SWORD
Took over as director of SHIELD
Ben Hammil, Xavier student that is a pyrokinetic
HintX-Men Characters
Cessily Kincaid, Xavier student that is a metallic polymorph
Stepford Cuckoo & Xavier student
Reed Richards, Fantastic Four member
Telepathic construct of Ellie Phimister, a precog
Director of SHIELD
Alien that believed Piotr Rasputin would destroy his planet
White Queen created a telepathic construct of herself
Stepford Cuckoo & Xavier student
Megan Gwynn, Xavier student that is a fairy-winged mutant
Charles Xavier, telepathic X-Men team founder
Santo Vaccarro, Xavier student that is composed of rock
Telepathic construct of the Hellfire Club's 'Black King'
Gigantic robots w/ the purpose of killing mutants
Kitty Pryde, X-Men member w/ phasing abilities
Noriko Ashida, Xavier student that can absorb electricity
Telepathic & empathic agent of SWORD
Benjamin Grimm, Fantastic Four member
Little girl that turns her dreams into reality
Sentinel responsible for millions of deaths on Genosha
Edward Tancredi, student tricked into commiting suicide
Nicholas Gleason, Xavier student that is a lycan (werewolf)
James Howlett, X-Men member w/ adamantium claws

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