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Can you name the Aliens Of The Marvel Universe Whose Names Begin With The Letters L Through Z?

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True Identity or HintAlien (L - Z)
Emperess of the Shi'ar w/ telepathic link to Prof. X
Dragon & friend to Shadowcat
X-Factor Investigations member from Mojoworld
Daughter of Crystal & Quicksilver born on the moon
Skrull that married the Human Torch
Evil doppleganger of Adam Warlock
X-Men enemy that is the ruler of the Technarcians
Aquatic looking member of Alpha Flight
Guardians of the Galaxy (Earth-691)
Insect gladiator that was apart of Hulk's Warbound
'Spineless One', ruler of the Mojoverse
Noh-Varr, current Young Avenger
Nicholette Gold, Guardians of the Galaxy (Earth-691)
Telepath member of the Imperial Guard
Believed Colossus was destined to destroy his planet
Techno-organic race that assimaltes living creatures
Cosmic entity that used Jean Grey as a avatar
Phyla-Vell, Guardians of the Galaxy member
Skrull that posed as Spider-Woman
Starjammers member that resembles a pirate
True Identity or HintAlien (L - Z)
Hulk led a uprising against this tyrant king of Sakaar
Resembles a raccoon (Guardians of the Galaxy)
Spaceknight who fights the Direwraiths
Kree aristocrat who is the supreme public accuser
Norinn Radd, a Herald of Galactus
Dark Avenger & son of the Hulk from planet Sakaar
Eros, former Avenger from the moon Titan
Guardians of the Galaxy member (Earth-691)
Peter Quill, Guardian of the Galaxy member
Skrull that has the powers of the Fantastic Four
A collective of the greatest Kree minds in history
Member of S.W.O.R.D. that looks like a red dragon
Earth moving Hearald of Galactus
A mutant Eternal from the moon Titan
Gigantic robot who serves Mandarin
Symbiote whose host is currently Flash Thompson
Former Shi'ar emperor & brother of Cyclops & Havok
Technarcian that is a New Mutants member
Observes the happenings of the universe

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