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QUIZ: Can You Name The Members of The Heroes Hire?

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True Identity or HintHeroes For Hire Member
Scott Lang
Felicia Hardy
Dane Whitman
Natasha Romanova
Daughters of the Dragon samurai
'.......' Natchios
Sam Wilson
Isaac Christians
Johnny Blaze
Olympic god of strength
Jim Hammond
Buchanan Mitty
Daniel Rand-Kai
Daniel Rand (H'ylthri)
Heroes For Hire office manager
Heroes For Hire team lawyer
True Identity or HintHeroes For Hire Member
Has bullet-proof skin
Former NYPD w/ a bionic arm
Marc Spector
Atlantean augmented by Dr. Dorcas
Merc that wears purple
Victor Alvarez
Frank Castle
alias--'Master of Kung-Fu'
Jennifer Walters
Maximilian Coleridge
Silver Sablinova
Peter Parker
Maria Vasquez
Ava Ayala
Evolved tiger created by High Evolutionary

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