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Can You Name The Legendary Beings, Cryptids, Aliens, Entities or Mythological Creatures?

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HintLegendary Creatures
Divine being from Heaven who acts as a mediator for God
Irish female spirit that wails when someone is about to die
Bear-wolf-like creature found near a rural road in Wisconsin
Used by parents to frighten children into good behavior
Aids in tasks around the house, but only unseen at night
Upper-body of a human & the lower-body of a horse
Three headed dog with a serpents tail
Latin American creature that sucks the blood from goats
Creature with a single eye in the middle of his forehead
Mortal that is the offspring of a god and a human
Evil entity that was never alive that can possess people
Gigantic winged reptiles that can breathe fire
Short beings that live in mountains associated with mining
Magical humanoid nature spirits with pointy ears
Tiny winged magical humanoids
Water spouting serpent that terrorizes boats & floods land
HintLegendary Creatures
Being that can be good or evil and grants wishes
Spirit of a dead person that can appear in visible form
Creature associated w/ graveyards & consuming flesh
Humanoid creatures of immense size and strength
Elemental that lives underground associated with alchemy
Evil, greedy, grotesque small creatures
Unintelligent, clumsy being created from clay or mud
Creature that sabotages aircraft & mechanical objects
Short, hairless alien w/ big eyes & a small nose & mouth
Body, tail, back legs of a lion & head & wings of a eagle
Skeleton that comes to collect a person for the afterlife
Old woman that causes nightmares & sleep paralysis
Female creature in the form of a large bird w/ a human face
Decapitated man that rides a horse and haunts people
Known for pranks & as servants for supernatural beings

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