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HintLegendary Creature
Divine beings from Heaven who act as mediators for God
Irish female spirit that wails when someone is about to die
Creature used by parents to frighten children into good behavior
Being that aids in tasks around the house, but only unseen at night
Latin American creature that sucks the blood from goats
Creature with a single eye in the middle of his forehead
Evil spirits that are minions of Satan and can possess people
Mortal that is the offspring of a god and a human
Gigantic winged reptiles that can breathe fire
Short beings that dwell in mountains associated with mining
Magical humanoid nature spirits with pointy ears
Tiny winged magical humanoids
Water spouting serpent that terrorizes boats & floods land
Supernatural being that can be good or evil and grants wishes
Spirit of a dead person that can appear in visible form
Creature associated w/ graveyards & consuming human flesh
Humanoid creatures of immense size and strength
Earth elementals that live underground associated with alchemy
Evil, greedy, grotesque small creatures
Unintelligent, clumsy being created from clay or mud
Creature that sabotages aircraft & mechanical objects
Body, tail & back legs of a lion & the head & wings of a eagle
Female creature in the form of a large bird w/ a human face
Decapitated man that rides a horse and haunts people
North American rabbit with antlers
HintLegendary Creature
Goat head, hooves & bat wings residing in the woods of New Jersey
Surviving plesiosaur dinosaur found in a lake in Scotland
Tiny Irish men that make shoes & store gold at the end of rainbows
Woman with venomous snakes for hair that turns people to stone
Aquatic creature with the upper body of a woman and tail of a fish
Creature with the head of a bull & body of a man
In West Virginia supposedly connected w/ Silver Bridge collapse
Beautiful maidens that animate nature found in the country-side
Large, hideous, man-like monster that eats human beings
Pure white winged divine stallion
Bird reborn by arising from the ashes of its predecessor
Celtic nature spirits that are tiny and childlike
Spirits known for loud noises, moving objects & assaults on people
Sprinkles sand into eyes of children to induce sleep & good dreams
Ape-like humanoid found in pacific northwest of North America
Beautiful women who lure sailors w/ thier voices to shipwreck
Replaces children's baby teeth with money while they sleep
Strong, dim-witted creatures that turn to stone from sunlight
Horse with a spiraling horn that can heal sickness
Night creature, neither dead nor living that feeds on human blood
Humans cursed & transformed into a beast from cannibalism
Evil, but sometimes good, female practitioners of magic
Shapeshifter that turns into a wolf at will or under a full moon
Ape-like humanoid said to inhabit the Himalayas of Nepal & Tibet
Re-animated corpse that feeds on human flesh and brains

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