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Can you name the Allies and Enemies Of The Hulk?

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Hulk Allies
Orphan responsible for the Hulks gamma exposure 
Love of Bruce Banner's life & currently the Red She-Hulk 
Former Queen of Sakaar that had 2 sons w/ the Hulk 
She's a gladiator that fought w/ Hulk on Sakaar & Earth 
Shadow warrior that fought along side the Hulk 
Princess of planet K'ai, that casted a spell allowing Banner's intellect to dominate the Hulk's personality 
Friend of the Hulk that died of AIDS 
Kronan warrior that is made of solid stone 
Gamma-irradiated friend & psychiatrist 
Former girlfriend of the Hulk & wife of the man who was responisble for Hulk's gamma exposure 
Insect warrior that fought w/ Hulk on Sakaar & Earth 
Former General, Avenger & current Thunderbolt leader 
Avenger, whose powers soothed the Hulk's raging temper 
A blood transfusion gave her gamma powers 
Daughter of the Hulk from Earth-8009 
Son of the Hulk, from planet Sakaar 
Femizon from Earth-715 
Hulk Villains
Recieved a higher dose of gamma radiation than the Hulk 
Absorb the matter of any substance he touchs 
Gamma villain w/ the strength of Hulk & intellect of Banner 
S.H.I.E.L.D. member on the Hulkbusters 
Former General & arch-enemy of the Hulk 
Resurrected from radioactive waste while in swamp water 
Gamma villain that developed the Titanium Man armor 
Military officer that helped hunt the Hulk 
One of the Hulk's sons from Planet Sakaar 
U-Foe who's body is covered in a metallic-armored-like skin 
Crimson Gem of Cyttorak made him 'unstoppable' 
Gamma radiation accident gave him extreme intelligence 
George Tarleton, the leader of A.I.M. 
Russian that underwent gamma radiation experiment 
U-Foe who's body is that of living gas 
U-Foe that can telekinetically block & repel energy 
Beast that roams the Canadian wilderness 
U-Foe who is a living energy field of quasi-solid radiation 
Can of absorb & discharge powerful currents of electricity 

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