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CluePerson TargetedDate of Assassination Attempt
Roadside explosion in an attempt to kill the emperor and military leader of the French RepublicDecember 24th, 1800
Jamaican reggae singer was shot, then 2-days later went on stage and performed a concert which had political overtonesDecember 3rd, 1976
This Beatles member survived being stabbed several times in his home by Michael AbramDecember 30th, 1999
1st attempt to kill a sitting president of the U.S. by Richard Lawrence. Both of his pistols misfiredJanuary 30th, 1835
Soviet communist leader survived 2 attacks in 1918. He was shot on the 2nd attemptJan. 14th & August 30th, 1918
This Nazi leader survived many attempts on his life, the most well known by Claus von StauffenbergJuly 20th, 1944
Richard Pavlick, a retired postal worker planned to kill this U.S. pres. ellect by colliding a dynamite-laden car into his motorcadeDecember 11th, 1960
2 dissident Vietnam Air Force pilots bombed the residence of this South Vietnamese presidentFebruary 27th, 1962
Arthur Bremer shot this U.S. presidential candidate, leaving him paralyzed for lifeMay 15th, 1972
Jean Bastien-Thiry attempted to kill this French president after he granted Algeria its independenceAugust 22nd, 1962
This U.S. pres. survived 2 shooting attempts on his life. The 1st attempt was by a Charles Manson fanaticSept. 5th and Sept. 22nd, 1975
Mehmet Ali Ağca shot this Pope in St. Peter's SquareMay 13th, 1981
John Schrank shot this U.S. pres. before a campaign speech. Afterwards he gave the speech w/ a bullet lodged in his chestOctober 14th, 1912
CluePerson TargetedDate of Assassination Attempt
This British P.M. and his war cabinet survived a mortar attack on his residence by the IRAFebruary 7th, 1991
Maxime Brunerie attempted to shoot this French president during the Bastille Day paradeJuly 14th, 2002
British P.M. survived a bomb attack at the Grand Hotel by the IRAOctober 12th, 1984
Publisher of Hustler magazine was shot by a white supremacist sniper leaving him in a wheel chairMarch 6th, 1978
Feminist Valerie Solanas shot this American painter and filmmakerJune 3rd, 1968
An insane John Hinckley Jr. shot this U.S. president in an attempt to impress actress Jodie FosterMarch 30th, 1981
Guy Fawkes & other English Catholics, attempted to destroy parliament w/ this king inside. The attempt became known as the 'Gunpowder Treason Plot'November 5th, 1605
Set of declassified reports, named the 'family jewels', list at least 2 attempts on this Cuban presidents life by the CIASeveral hundred attempts
While visiting in Japan, Tsuda Sanzō, an escort policeman for the Russian Czar's son slashed the future emperor w/ a sabreApril 29th, 1891
Ukrainian opposition candidate was food poisoned w/ genetically engineered dioxin by unknown political assailants. He is now the current presidentSeptember 5th, 2004
After a speech in Dujail, this Iraqi president's convoy was fired upon by anti-baathist millitantsJuly 8th, 1982
Samuel Byck attempted to hijack a plane and fly it into the White House killing this U.S. presidentFebruary 22nd, 1974
Daisuke Namba attempted to assassinate this future emperor of Japan when he fired a pistol at his moving carriageDecember 27th, 1923

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