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Can you name the Marvel Characters By The Powers They Possess?

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Leaping Ability
Hank McCoy 
Bruce Banner 
Kurt Wagner 
General 'Thunderbolt' Ross 
Mortimer Toynbee 
Time Travelers
Lucas '......' (Earth-1191) 
Nathan Summers 
Formed the Young Avengers 
Avengers enemy 
Sentinel of Earth-811 
Omega Level Mutants
Son of Reed & Sue Richards 
alias--Baby Spalding 
alias--Marvel Girl 
Quentin Quire 
Nate Grey (Earth-295) 
Advanced Longevity (Non-Gods)
Helmut '....' 
Victor Creed 
James Howlett 
Botanopathy (Ability to Control Plants)
Thomas Cassidy 
Samuel Smithers 
Dr. Anthony '.....' 
Theodore Sallis 
alias--Mandy Celestine 
Death Touch
Malcolm McBride 
Asgardian God of Death 
Olympus God of Death 
alias--'Black Queen' 
Kevin Ford 
En Sabah Nur 
Olympian God of Strength 
Cain Marko 
Robert Reynolds 
alias--Donald Blake 
Electrokinesis (Controls Electricity)
alias-Simon Walters 
Maxwell Dillon 
Miguel Santos 
Randall Darby 
Ororo Munroe 
Xi'an Coy Manh 
Former Marauder 
Kevin MacTaggert 
Elizabeth Braddock 
Amahl Farouk 
Dr. Stephen '.......' 
Vlad Tepes 
Maynard Tiboldt 
Karl Lykos 
Metal Body
Silas Burr 
Piotr Rasputin 
Cessily Kincaid 
Ken Mack 
Victor Shade 
Rock Body
alias--White Queen 
Gladiator on Sakaar 
Santo Vaccarro 
Celeste, Mindee & Phoebe 
Benjamin Grimm 

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