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Can You Name The Members Of The Legion Of Super-Heroes?

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True Identity or HintLegion of Super-Heroes Members
Laurel Grand
Mysa Nal *
Silicon-based life-form *
Querl Dox *
Charles Taine *
Reep Daggle *
Yera Allon *
Hadru Jamik *
Gim Allon *
Grava *
Rokk Kinn *
From planet Starhaven *
Marya Pai *
Nura Nal *
Luornu Durgo *
Jimmy Olsen
Jan Arrah *
Andrew Nolan, Douglas Nolan
Ti'Julk Mr'asz *
Mysa Nal's apprentice *
Professor of Temporal Mechanics *
Sandy Anderson
Lana Lang
Lyle Norg, Jacques Foccart *
Val Armorr, Myg
James Cullen, Jazmin Cullen
Zoe Saugin
Garth Ranzz *
True Identity or HintLegion of Super-Heroes Members
Ayla Ranzz *
Pol Krinn
Tenzil Kem *
Lar Grand *
Candi Pyponte-LePlanc
Lydda Jath
Tinya Wazzo *
Brek Bannin *
Energy being from Teall *
Imra Ardeen *
Jeka Wynzorr
Projecta Wind'zorr *
Tasmia Mallor *
Insect being from Kwai
Salu Digby *
Sussa Parka
Thom Kallor *
Dirk Morgna *
Kara Zor-El
Kal-El *
Ganglios *
Brin Londo *
Troy Stewart *
Jo Nah *
Drake Burroughs *
Jenni Ognats

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