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QUIZ: Can you name the DC Comics: Teams: Justice Society?

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True IdentityJustice Society Member
Markus Clay
Al Pratt
Albert Rothstein
Bruce Wayne
Dinah Drake Lance, Dinah Laurel Lance
Daniel Cassidy
Billy Batson
Nathaniel Heywood
Jillian Carlysle
Maxine Hunkel
Grant Emerson
Former member of Zhuguan
Kent Nelson, Hector Hall, Kent V. Nelson
Charles McNider, Pieter Cross
Jay Garrick
Alan Scott
Shiera Sanders, Kendra Saunders
Carter Hall
Shiera Sanders
Queen of the Amazons
Rex Tyler, Matthew Tyler, Rick Tyler
Helena Wayne
Jakeem Williams
True IdentityJustice Society Member
Jesse Chambers
After saying Cei-U, he controls Yz the genie
Sonia Sato
Illusion casting abillities
Jennifer Pierce
David Reid
Joan Dale
Jeffrey Graves
Terry Sloane, Michael Holt
Todd Rice
Kara Zor-L
Sara Butlers
John Smith
Chineese member of Zhuguan
Dick Grayson
Wesley Dodds, Sanderson 'Sandy' Hawkins
Sylvester Pemberton
Aztar, Jim Corrigan
Courtney Whitmore
Ted Knight, Jack Knight, Thom Kallor
Kal-L, Kal-El (Earth-22)
Ted Grant, Thomas Bronson
Diana Prince

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