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QUIZ: Can You Name The Current Members Of The Justice League Teams?

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Justice League
Bruce Wayne 
Dinah Drake Lance 
Jefferson Pierce 
Leonard Snart 
Victor Stone 
Jason Rusch 
Ronnie Raymond 
Barry Allen 
A new recruit 
Justice League
Oliver Queen 
Katar Hol 
Kal-El enemy 
Jessica Cruz 
Billy Batson 
Kal-El * 
Mari McCabe 
Diana Prince 
'.......' Zatara 
Justice League Dark
alias--'I, Vampire' 
Boston Brand 
Occult detective 
Nimue Inwudu 
Heals supernatural wounds 
Alec Holland 
'.......' Zatara * 
Justice League United
Teleported to Rann 
Bernhard Baker 
Miiyahbin Marten 
Oliver Queen 
J'onn J'onzz 
Courtney Whitmore 
Kara Zor-El 

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