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True Identity or HintSuperman Villains
Demi-God member of Project 7734
Joseph Martin, Albert Michaels
Imperfect duplicate of Superman
Vril Dox
Composed of experimental chemicals
Hank Henshaw, Zor-El
Uxas, ruler of Apokolips
Adapts and destroys anything in his path
Built the Fortress of Solitude
Phantom Zone criminal w/ a hatred for men
Exiled to the Phantom Zone by Jor-El
Out rid the world of Kryptonians
Former student of Jor-El
First criminal to be imprisioned in the Phantom Zone
Superman's arch-nemesis bent on world domination
Night club owner that steals souls
Leslie Willis
Ruler of the Infernal Dominion
True Identity or HintSuperman Villains
Empress of Almerac
John Corben
Father & son alien warlords that conquer worlds
Organized gangs & created Intergang
Fifth dimensional Imp
Phantom Zone criminal that was lobotomized
Maxwell Jensen, Rudy Jones, Joshua Allen
Oswald Loomis
Kitty Lou Faulkner
Emil Hamilton
Siobahn McDougal/Smythe
Superman of Earth-Prime
Tobias Manning
Gigantic gorilla w/ kryptonite vision
Winslow Schott, Jack Nimball
Clark Kent (Earth-3)
Phantom Zone criminal & mother of Chris Kent

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