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QUIZ: Can you name the DC Characters That Are A Master Or An Expert In At Least One Form Of Martial Artists?

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IdentityMartial Artists
Android copies powers & fighting styles
Roy Harper, trained by Oliver Queen
Shim'Tar of the Egyptian Amazons
Barbara Gordon & Stephanie Brown
Bruce Wayne
Cassandra Cain
Dinah Laurel Lance
Ted Kord
Ben Turner, Suicide Squad member
Selina Kyle
Jade Nguyen, assassin
Former League of Assassins member
Slade Wilson, genetically augmented merc
Pieter Cross, JSA member
Oliver Queen & Connor Hawke
Helena Bertinelli, Birds of Prey member
Trained Diana Prince
Hadley Jagger & Sonia Sato
Val Armorr, Legion of Super-Heroes member
Tatsu Yamashiro, current JLA member
Edmund Dorrance, merc & father of Bane
Sandra Wu-San, deadly assassin
IdentityMartial Artists
Cosmic bounty hunter
Michael Holt, JSA member
Dick Grayson
Adrian Veidt, Watchmen member
Helmet allows him to download fighting styles
Vic Sage & Renée Montoya
Leader of the League of Assassins
Rose Wilson, Teen Titans member
Jason Todd, leader of the Outlaws
Richard Drakunovski, former thief
Tim Drake
Damian Wayne
2nd in command of the League of Assassins
Former Yakuza & Oliver Queen ally
Kara Zor-El, trained w/ Bruce Wayne & Amazons
Heir to the League of Assassins
Rhosyn Forrest, Vigilante w/ split personality
Peter Cannon, taps into 90% of his brain
Vandar Adg, immortal that wants to contorl mankind
Ted Grant & Yolanda Montez
Diana Prince
Lady Zannah

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