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QUIZ: Can You Name The DC Characters That Are Immortal

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True Identity or HintImmortal Character
Magician from the 64th Century
Replicates metahuman powers
alias--'I, Vampire'
Greek God of war
Amazon warrior
Red Lantern Corps leader
Led the Female Furies
Nathainel Adam
Sorceress from Greek mythology
Congo Bill
Hank Henshaw, Zor-El
Boston Brand
Slade Wilson
Chief councler to Uxas
Shadowpact member
Kent Nelson
Killed Kal-El
Host's--Bruce Gordon, Alex Montez
Built the Fortress of Solitude
Greek Goddess of chaos
Jason Blood
5,000 year old sorcerer
Justice League Dark member
Hippolyta Trevor-Hall
Former Guardian of the Universe
True Identity or HintImmortal Character
Exiled to the Phantom Zone
In charge of training on Apokolips
Al Scott
Kryptonian criminal
Evolved from a meteor
Queen of the Amazons
First son of Uxas
Leader of the Orange Lantern Corps
Intergalactic bounty hunter
Emily Briggs
Nimue Inwudu
Cliff Zmeck
Protoplasmic lifeform
Most powerful magician
New God that observes the universe
Scott Free
Fifth-dimensional Imp
Lar Grand
Formless Lord of Chaos
Embodiement of death
Offers deals for peoples souls
New God and son Uxas
One of the Trinity's of Sin
Comprised of pure fear
Judas Iscariot
True Identity or HintImmortal Character
Kara Zor-L, under a yellow sun
Uses the Lazarus Pits for immortality
John Smith
Mitchell Shelley
Wesley Dodds
Jason Woodrue
Richard Swift
Billy Batson
Cyrus Gold
Dennis Colt
Aztar, Jim Corrigan
Kon-El, under a yellow sun
Kara Zor-El, under a yellow sun
Kal-El, under a yellow sun
Alec Holland
Love/hate relationship w/ Batman
Clark Kent (Earth-3)
Founder of the Freedom Fighters
Vandar Adg
Drake Burroughs
Powerful magic being
Diana Prince
Angel that lost his divinity
Lady Zannah
Ruler of Olympus

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