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Can You Name The Most Published Characters Whose Names Begin With The Letters T, U, W, X,Y & Z?

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True Identity or HintT - Z Characters# of Issues
Diana Prince3,651
Kyle Rayner1,020
Ted Grant818
Casts spells by speaking backwards748
Harvey Dent720
Cassie Sandsmark711
Jo Nah626
Brin Londo392
Mari McCabe378
Father of Batman367
Love/hate relationship w/ Batman353
Drake Burroughs350
Italian illusionist & magician304
Vandar Adg299
Frontiersman, Tom Hawkins281
Friend of Hal Jordan278
Greg Sanders275
Yz the genie271
Batman love interest & photographer257
Mark Mardon257
Metal Men member212
One of the most powerful magical beings209
Brainiac genetic clone195
Travis Morgan187
One of Aquaman's closest allies186
James Jesse183
True Identity or HintT - Z Characters# of Issues
T'om T'mora180
Arnold Wesker173
Angel that gave up his divinity169
Wears bandages on his face165
Winslow Schott165
Undead that feed on blood162
Freedom Fighters founder154
Clark Kent (Earth-3)144
Jenni Ognats139
Tara Markov clone135
Non-human Legionnary134
Hawk race that uses Nth metal134
Gerard Shugel130
Francisco Ramon/Paco Ramone123
Aquaman's pet octopus119
Omega Men member116
Fatal Five member115
Inventor of the Red Tornado112
Tara Markov108
Anissa Pierce106
Jonathan Law109
Clifford DaVoe109
Thomas Bronson103
Husband of Donna Troy100
Teleporting villain100

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