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Can You Name The Most Published Characters Whose Names Begin With The Letter S?

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True Identity or HintS Characters# of Issues
Kara Zor-El1,332
Billy Batson871
Imra Ardeen824
Head of ARGUS606
Dr. Jonathan Crane559
Easy Company leader547
Salu Digby523
Carol Ferris528
John Henry Irons508
Courtney Whitmore506
Dirk Morgna474
Thom Kallor468
Tasmia Mallor423
'Sandy' Hawkins407
Ted Knight374
Cyrus Gold342
Wesley Dodds313
Jim Corrigan311
Police of the 31st century290
Sylvester Pemberton283
Stephanie Brown274
Projecta Wind'zzor273
Wife of Elongated Man268
Gotham private detective251
Patrick Dugan237
True Identity or HintS Characters# of Issues
Blackhawk's member235
Merged with Alec Holland226
Sir Justin Arthur216
Robots used to protect Kal-El's identity216
Sports editor at the Daily Planet198
Security droid at Metropolis Space Museum187
Honorary member of the JLA186
General out to rid the world of Kryptonians179
Linda Danvers177
Richard Swift163
Gangster puppet158
Mia Dearden151
Jason Woodrue151
Private eye, turned special agent150
Cat of Kara Zor-El144
2nd wife of James Gordon143
Jack Knight141
Carl Sands138
Use's star-fish clones to control people128
Rann scientist that invented the Zeta-Beam125
Science Police officer123
Lois Lane (Earth-3)122
L.E.G.I.O.N. member120
John Sargent113
Ability to absorb sound113
Alec Holland111
Black Queen of Checkmate104
Mikaal Thomas104

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