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Can You Name The Most Published Characters Whose Names Begin With The Letters N, O, P, Q & R?

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True Identity or HintN, O, P, Q & R Characters# of Issues
Dick Grayson3,892
Tim Drake1,617
Daily Planet editor-in-chief1,609
Kara Zor-L964
Guy Gardner915
Oswald Cobblepot780
Rachel Roth662
Pamela Isley636
Patrick O'Brian617
John Smith577
Third Reich soldiers571
Tinya Wazzo564
Jason Todd546
Edward Nigma539
Judas Iscariot476
Gotham detective444
Damian Wayne407
alias--'Dog of War'392
Uses the Lazarus Pits369
Clifford Steele318
Rose Wilson289
Raymond Terrill281
Todd Rice264
Connor Hawke262
True Identity or HintN, O, P, Q & R Characters# of Issues
Robert Crane254
Blackhawk's member254
Father figue to Mister Miracle231
Divorced from Lana Lang231
Metal Men member228
Larry Trainor217
Hartley Rathaway213
Dimitri Pushkin209
Shock troops of Apokolips203
Eve Eden201
Vic Sage201
Rory Regan195
Rudy Jones194
Brek Bannin193
Time-traveling hero191
Challenger of the Unknown187
Peter Porkchops183
Sister of Steel178
Evil half-brother of Aquaman172
One of the Trinity's of Sin170
Edward Bloomberg165
Challenger of the Unknown163
Challenger of the Unknown161
Eobard Thawne154
True Identity or HintN, O, P, Q & R Characters# of Issues
Thomas Tressler146
Father of Chameleon Boy142
Oswald Loomis136
Daily Planet reporter139
Lilith Clay136
Leonid Kovar133
Lydda Jath129
Nyeun Chun Ti128
S. Trevor's commanding officer124
Christopher Smith113
Thomas Wayne, Jr.113
Roger Hayden112
Bette Sans Souci112
Cyborg sleeper agents109
Sandra Knight108
Rosabelle Mendez108
Langford Terrill106
Amazon warrior103
Makes deals for souls102
Leader of 1st Suicide Squad100
Psychic Teen Titan villain100

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