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Can You Name The Most Published Characters Whose Names Begin With The Letters L & M?

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True Identity or HintL & M Characters# of Issues
Love Interest of Superman3,197
Superman's arch-nemesis2,004
J'onn J'onzz1,974
Clark Kent's girlfriend960
Adoptive mother of Superman906
Garth Ranzz701
Lar Grand621
Rex Mason613
Ayla Ranzz529
Scott Free485
Michael Holt484
Intergalactic bounty hunter464
Victor Fries403
Wife of Aquaman400
Mary Batson367
Mother of Batman303
Gotham detective289
Jervis Tetch286
Mother of Superman285
Love interest of Jimmy Olsen285
5th dimensional Imp284
Formed Intergang280
Wife of the Flash273
Dr. Kirk Langstrom261
True Identity or HintL & M Characters# of Issues
Organized the JLI257
Proto-plasmic lifeform244
CEO at Wayne Enterprises239
Explorer of the New Gods238
Metal Men member229
Metal Men member227
Evan McCulloch225
Nimue Inwudu224
John Corben221
M'gann M'orzz219
Ancient army of ninja killers215
Golden-Age speedster212
Gotham social worker197
Police in Superman's city195
Tenzil Kem191
'Libby' Lawrence180
Terry Sloane171
Queen of Almerac164
Universal security force161
Zinda Blake157
Steve Dayton154
Director of the D.E.O.150
Batman villain149
True Identity or HintL & M Characters# of Issues
Mermaid love interest of Kal-El148
Samuel Scudder145
Sandra Wu-San144
Ruler of Warworld141
Magician counsler to King Arthur140
Super Intelligent Gorilla133
Female Furies leader132
Dan Richards130
Baran Flinders129
Emily Briggs125
Lord of Chaos123
Kate Spencer120
Custodian of the JSA museum119
Easy Company member119
Amazon bodyguard117
Paul Booker114
Mind-controlling worm113
Nuclear wielding LEGION member102
Kindly One's member102
Currently a U.S. Marshall101
Mekt Ranzz101
Kindly One's member101

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