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Can You Name The Most Published Characters Whose Names Begin With The Letters H, I, J & K?

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True Identity or HintH, I, J & K Characters# of Issues
Gotham commissioner2,470
Daily Planet photographer1,959
Clown Prince of Crime1,492
Carter Hall1,005
Adoptive father of Superman932
Katar Hol821
Bart Allen674
Gotham detective672
Helena Bertinelli625
Superman's dog571
Queen of the Amazons554
Harleen Quinzel510
Kendra Saunders484
Race from Superman's planet464
Wife of the Silver-Age Flash449
Waylon Jones443
Father of Superman436
Tatsu Yamashiro/Toro429
Shayera Hol421
Jennifer Lyn-Hayden418
Jesse Chambers365
Lyle Norg353
Civil War vet, bounty hunter346
Original Thunderbolt controller338
Val Armorr322
True Identity or HintH, I, J & K Characters# of Issues
Rex Tyler309
Rick Tyler307
Tora Olafsdotter301
Sandra Sanders272
Joseph Wilson242
Blackhawks member241
Henry Hall239
Mick Rory217
Metal Men member215
Gabrielle Doe214
Jonathan Chambers207
Wife of the Golden-Age Flash206
Ex-wife of the Atom201
Helena Wayne193
Occult detective & magician193
Darkseid's first born son167
The Losers member148
U.S. Air Force pilot147
Evil scientist and psychologist147
Phantom Zone criminal146
Drury Walker145
Elizabeth Kane143
Murdered Batman's parents142
True Identity or HintH, I, J & K Characters# of Issues
Thomas Elliott140
Jacques Foccart138
Father of Red Robin138
Lyla Michaels135
The last boy on earth132
Villain w/ mental powers131
Jeffrey Burr127
Ghost of a Confederate general125
Close friend to Catwoman123
Louise Lincoln119
Matthew Tyler118
Guardian of the Universe114
Religious terrorist agents114
Duela Dent113
Current Thunderbolt possessor112
Administrator of Arkham Asylum110
Sonia Sato109
Queen of Olympus106
Zoe Saugin106
Gotham detective105
Tommy Monaghan104
World War II tank commander104
War mongering race104
The Witch Boy100
Villain speedster of Earth-3100

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