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Can You Name The DC Characters Whose Names Begin With The Letters C & D?

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True Identity or HintC & D Characters# of Issues
Selina Kyle1,279
Victor Stone1,084
Amazon super-hero1,056
Rokk Krinn800
Reep Daggle656
Kent Nelson605
Slade Wilson605
Nathaniel Adam529
Luornu Durgo511
Gim Allon458
Boston Brand444
Charles McNider436
Leonard Snart424
Pieter Cross405
Floyd Lawton383
Congo Bill353
Nura Nal327
George 'Digger' Harkness306
Jack Ryder285
Chief scientist for Uxas283
Freddy Freeman278
Basil Karlo274
True Identity or HintC & D Characters# of Issues
Born on planet Starhaven252
Arthur Light249
Kimiyo Hoshi241
Daily Planet gossip columnist237
Barbara Minerva237
Blackhawks member233
Dawn Granger216
Hector Hall214
Unstoppable behemoth213
Adam Blake211
Grant Emerson208
Creator of the Metal Men200
Mad scientist197
Metropolis detective195
Pink skinned alien genius178
Sidekick to Al Scott171
Immortal sorceress171
Hank Henshaw167
Former Spectre166
Lee Travis162
Inza Nelson164
Lives in the House of Mystery153
True Identity or HintC & D Characters# of Issues
Werner Vertigo/Zytle149
Thomas Blake149
Edgar Cziko147
Jade Nguyen146
D.N.Alien clone142
David Clinton137
The Ghost Detective135
Wife of Tempest133
Noah Kuttler133
Maxine Hunkel127
Shadowpact member126
Violent alien race124
Neal Emerson122
Detective & DEO agent118
Owen Mercer117
Paranormal investigator112
Contortionist assassin109
Albert Desmond108
Kindly Ones member106
Lost a leg during WWII102

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