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True Identity or HintBatman Villains
alias--'The Man Who Broke the Bat'
Roman Sionis
Eric Needham
Mark Desmond
Julien Day
Crime boss nicknamed 'The Roman'
Thomas Blake
Selina Kyle
Basil Karlo, Matt Hagen, Preston & Cassius Payne
Arthur Brown
Secret organization older than Gotham
One of the world's premiere assassins
Floyd Lawton
Slade Wilson
Dr. Karl Hellfern
Alexander Sartorius
Ignatius Ogilvy
Shauna Belzer's dummy
Garfield Lyns, Ted Carson
Warren White
Jim Craddock
Harleen Quinzel
Clone of Damian Wayne
Psychiatrist who deduced Batman's identity
Thomas Elliott
Administrator of Arkham Asylum
Murdered Batman's parents
alias--'Clown Prince of Crime'
Duela Dent
Waylon Jones
True Identity or HintBatman Villains
Drury Walker
Sir Edmund Dorrance
Sandra Wu-San
Martial artist member of the Ghost Dragons
Jervis Tetch
A vampire/werewolf hybrid
Dr. Kirk Langstrom
Dr. Victor Fries
Serial killer that puts scars on his body for each victim
Natalia Knight
Thomas Wayne, Jr. (Earth-3)
Oswald Cobblepot
Pamela Isley
Uses the Lazarus Pits for immortality
Edward Nigma
Head of a smuggling crime family
Crime lord nicknamed 'The Boss'
Dr. Jonathan Crane
A gangster puppet
Former leader of the League of Assassins
Cyrus Gold
Love/hate relationship w/ Batman
William Cobb
Army of superhuman assassins
Deever Tweed
Dumfrey Tweed
Harvey Dent
Arnold Wesker, Peyton Riley, Shauna Belzer
Jaina Hudson
Contract killer that uses vision enhanced goggles

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