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Can you name the Marvel Characters By The Powers They Possess?

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Direct, Control, Absorb Energy
Lucas '......' 
Remey LeBeau 
Alex Summers 
Christoph Nord 
Chen Lu 
Communicate & Control Electronics
Nathan Summers 
Tony Stark 
Yuriko Oyama 
Android created by Pym 
Victor Shade 
Intangibility (Walk through solid matter)
Arthur Parks 
Miguel Santos 
Karla Sofen 
Monica Rambeau 
Kitty Pryde 
Eric Brooks 
Vlad Tempes 
Jubilation Lee 
Michael '.......' 
Karl Lykos 
Lupine Form
Son of Loki 
John Jameson 
Jacob Russoff 
Nicholas Gleason 
Rhane Sinclair 
Photokinesis (Manipulation of Light)
Jeanne-Marie Beaubier 
Tandy Bowen 
Alison Blare 
Robert Reynolds 
Roberto da Costa 
Plasma Generation
Tabitha Smith 
Johnny Storm 
Shiro Yoshida 
Leyu Yoshida 
Precogs (Ability to foretell the future)
Ruth Aldine 
Irene Adler 
Son of Reed & Sue Richards 
Julia Carpenter 
alias--'Mandy Celestine' 
Characters With No Powers
Clint Barton 
Bobbi Morse 
Frank Castle 
alias--Master of Kung-Fu 
Silver Sabolina 
Solve Complex Problems
Victor von Doom 
aliases--Ant-Man, Giant-Man 
Reed Richards 
George Tarleton 
alias--Lady Tessa 
Warren Worhtington III 
Dr. Stephen '.......' 
Joshua Foley 
Former Morlock 
Norrin Radd 
Dark Force
Son of Mephisto 
Marcus Daniels 
Tyrone Johnson 
Laynia Petrovna 
Maximillian Coleridge 

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