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Can you name the Historical Events During the Cold War?

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The USSR inexcusably shot down a comercial plane from this Asian countrySeptember 15th, 1983
U.S. troops stom the shorelines of this Carribean island countryOctober 31st, 1983
With the death of Yuri Andropov, this man takes over as premier of the USSRFebruary 13th, 1984
The USSR boycott the Olympics in this city due to protests it would have facedMay 8th, 1984
China announces that it will be going through economic reforms and moving towards this type of economyOctober 28th, 1984
With the death of the Soviet premier, this man takes over as leaderMarch 13th, 1985
This country discovers 5 spies that had infiltrated their government and had given secrets to East GermanyAugust 25th, 1985
USSR and this country begin deporting each others delegates for espionageSeptember 16th, 1985
The leaders of the U.S. and USSR meet at this conference marking a positive move forward for both countriesNovember 21st, 1985
U.S. attack this Libyan leader for being a principle financier of int'l terrorismApril 15th, 1986
Soviet nuclear plant that left a nuclear cloud of radiation across EuropeApril 30th, 1986
NATO accepts Reagan's plans to produce these types of weapons for the 1st time since 1969May 22nd, 1986
Congress votes to give $100 million in military and economic aid to these rebel fighters in NicaraguaJune 25th, 1986
Afghan rebels begin to repel the Soviets by obtaining these types of weapons from the U.S. capable of shooting down attack helicoptersJuly 1st, 1986
This country was used as an intermediate by the U.S. to sell weapons to the IraniansNovember 19th, 1986
The U.S. begins answering questions on the connection of weapons sales to Iran and then diverting money to aid rebels in NicaraguaNovember 30th, 1986
Over 50,000 students from this country begin protesting for democratic reformsDecember 21st. 1986
A government official was quoted as saying this country has obtained nuclear weapons and joined the arms raceMarch 1st, 1987
This Lt. Col. in the Army testifies to having a part in the U.S. arms dealJuly 11th, 1987
U.S. and Soviets sign a historic pact requiring each country to dismantle percentages of theseDecember 10th, 1987
Term for economic reform plans desgined to restructure the USSRJanuary 1st, 1988
USSR announces that they will begin pulling out their troops from this countryFebruary 8th, 1988
War in this Latin American country is overMarch 24th 1988
A new sleek looking U.S. bomber capable of flying under enemy radar is unveiledApril 23rd, 1988
This man is elected as the 41st president of the U.S.November 8th, 1988
Soviet supported Cuban troops begin to withdraw from this African countryJanuary 10th, 1989
USSR has the 1st one of these since 1917, placing new faces in Moscow politicsMarch 26th, 1989

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