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Can you name the Historical Events During the Cold War--part 5?

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Father of communisim in modern China diesSeptember 18th, 1976
He is elected the 39th president of the U.S.November 2nd, 1976
France proclaims they will begin selling nuclear technology to this Asian countryOctober 12th, 1976
The U.S. and USSR meet to discuss guidelines pertaining to the stability of this region in the worldOctober 1st, 1977
This east-African country orders all Soviets out and breaks off all relations with Cuba because of the crisis in AngolaNovember 13th, 1977
A nuclear Soviet spy satellite used to spy on the U.S. Navy crashes in this country leaving a radioactive trailJanuary 30th, 1978
The U.S. reports finding this in their embassy in Moscow used to spy on people from a distanceJune 1st, 1978
Rebel forces attempt to overthrow Anastasio Somoza, the president of this countryAugust 30th, 1978
U.S. and USSR sign a new arms control agreement in ViennaJune 18th, 1979
Rebels in Nicaragua known as this, takeover the government after they force the resignation of Pres. SamozaJuly 25th, 1979
The Soviets begin their attack and occupation of this Asian countryDecember 26th, 1979
This country, in a rebuff to the Soviets begins selling arms to its competition, ChinaJanuary 24th, 1980
The U.S., West Germany and Japan boycott the Olympics located in this city due to recent Soviet aggressionJuly 19th, 1980
In Poland, this wins legal status for the 1st time in a Soviet-bloc country concerning workers rightsOctober 24th, 1980
This man is elected 40th president of the U.S.November 4th, 1980
Led by this man, millions of Polish workers begin to strike in order to achieve better working rightsJanuary 24th, 1981
The U.S. sends 15 of these special forces members to El Salvador as military advisersMarch 13th, 1981
Nicaraguan freedom fighters called this, begin training in FloridaMarch 16th, 1981
The USSR warns leaders in this country to silence the anti-Soviet campaign being waged by the Solidarity unionSeptember 18th, 1981
Reagan broadens powers of this U.S. foreign affairs bureau, allowing spying in the U.S. December 4th, 1981
NATO condems Soviets for support of Polish suppression, threatening this type of fisscal slap on the wristJanuary 11th, 1981
The Sandanista regime suspends thisMarch 25th, 1982
Yuri Andropov quits this Soviet intelligence agency to join a political party inorder to position himself as next premier of the USSRMay 26th, 1982
Reagan gives his famous speech where he declares communisim and the USSR the worlds greatest threat March 8th, 1983
Program using tech. to build a missile shield for the U.S. located in spaceMarch 23rd, 1983
Mehmet Ali Agca arrested in an attempt on this holy figures life, reveals that Soviet intelligence took part in the plotJuly 9th, 1983
The U.S. funded both sides of this war in an effort to further destabilize both countries and prolong the conflictJuly 14th, 1983
Countries from this region of the world call for the end of military funding and covert operations from the East and West blocsJuly 28th, 1983

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