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This former president of France diesNovember 12th, 1970
This U.S. foreign affairs bureau admits it has a 30,000 man army in LaosAugust 2nd, 1971
This communist country is admited to the United NationsNovember 15th, 1971
This country is now full member of the Soviet economic blocJuly 11th, 1972
This Egyptian president orders the Soviet advisors in his country to leaveJuly 18th, 1972
Nixon and this Soviet Foreign Minister sign a arms limit treaty October 3rd, 1972
William P. Rogers resigns and this man takes over as Secretary of State shaping U.S. foreign policyAugust 22nd, 1973
The U.S. ends its bombing campaign of this Indo-Chinese countryAugust 14th, 1973
This marxist Chilean president is shot to death during a violent takeover of the governmentSeptember 21st, 1973
As a result of U.S. intervention in the 1973 Arab-Israeli war, OPEC cuts oil production to the U.S. steadilyOctober 21st, 1973
This Middle Eastern country ends its reliance on Soviet military supportApril 18th, 1974
This country joins the arms race after they test their 1st atomic bombMay 18th 1974
As a result of the resignation of Nixon, this man is sworn in as the 38th president of the U.S.August 9th, 1974
Turkey invades and occupies the northern portion of this country July 20th, 1974
Nixon is accused of using the CIA to spy on Americans involved in this movement in the U.S.December 21st, 1974
Name of the totalitarian ruling party led by Pol Pot in CambodiaJanuary 4th, 1975
This South Vietnamese city surrenders to the communistsApril 30th, 1975
U.S. and USSR near accord outlawing techniques to alter and control this, for military purposesJune 23rd, 1975
U.S. and Soviet astronauts ended a unprecidented 2-day int'l mission at this neutral locationJuly 19th, 1975
Cuban soldiers with Soviet backing attempt to help place a communist govt. in this African countryDecember 7th, 1975
Foreign policy implemented by both the U.S. and USSR in thawing of tense political relationsFebruary 24th, 1976
Soviets admit to transmitting microwaves aimed at this in Moscow in order to disrupt eavesdropping equipmentFebruary 25th, 1976
The world as a whole was spending $300 billion/yr on thisFebruary 29th, 1976
This president testifies he ordered the CIA to foil the election of Allende in ChileMarch 11th, 1976
The CIA says this country has secretly aquirred atomic weapons joing the arms raceMarch 15th, 1976
The U.S. land a spacecraft on this planet and begin taking photographs and soil samplesJuly 20th, 1976
Countries that declared neutrality during the Cold War aimed at establishing political and military cooperation apart from the East or West blocsAugust 20th, 1976

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