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U.S. foreign affairs bureau specializing in espionage is created from the Office of Strategic ServicesJanuary 20th, 1946
This international organization holds its 1st sessionJanuary 30th, 1946
Stalin initializes 1 of his many industrialization plans in a series of nation-wide centralized exercises in rapid economic development calledFebruary 9th, 1946
Winston Churchill gives a famous speech known as this, refering to the threat that the USSR and communisim has draped across eastern-EuropeMarch 5th, 1946
USSR Embassy in a N.A. country organized a spy network that infiltrated its gov'tMarch 4th, 1946
U.S., French & British merge these occupied areasDecember 2nd, 1946
U.S. committee opens inquiry on communist influence in the film industryOctober 20th, 1947
Actor Ronald Reagan, president of this group, testifies that the film industry is not controlled by communists in front of the committee of the previous question's answer October 23rd, 1947
The nationalist army of this Mediterranean country overthrows the communist governmentJanuary 1st, 1948
The communist party leaders in this country stage a coup and take control of the governmentFebruary 29th, 1948
USSR implements military method to prevent supplies from reaching BerlinApril 24th, 1948
This northern Soviet-supported govt. in Asia adopts a constitution claiming control of the entire country, even the south which was a seperate republicMay 1st, 1948
The West did this in order to get supplies into BerlinJune 25th 1948
This Yugoslavian leader who's views on communism differ with Stalin's, breaks all ties with Moscow July 4th, 1948
Communists take control of this key territorial N.E. region on China's coastOctober 30th, 1948
The UN votes in favor of this proclamtion that defines international fundamental freedoms for every country to followDecember 10th, 1948
The allies create a collective defense alliance called March 18th, 1949
This country is established after the British, U.S. and France relinquished control of it to its peopleMay 23rd, 1949
The USSR detonates its 1st one of these bomb's in a secret test begining the arms raceAugust 29th, 1949
This communist leader takes control of the entire country creating, The People's Republic of ChinaOctober 1st, 1949
Communists establish this country in Europe from the remainder of an occupied Soviet areaOctober 12th, 1949
Chaing Kia-shek and his political followers flee China for this island, eventually establishing their own country called TaiwanDecember 8th, 1949
This former top State Dept. official is found guilty of passing government secrets to the SovietsJanuary 25th, 1950
This senator who thought everyone was a communist begins his anti-red campaignFebruary 20th, 1950
UK, France and U.S. agree to sell weapons in this region on the basis of disparity between the Arab states and IsraelMay 25th, 1950
Communist forces from the north invade Republic forces in the south starting this warJune 25th, 1950
This country and organization agree to send troops into KoreaJune 27th, 1950
This general famous for saying 'I shall return', is given command of all forces in KoreaJuly 31st, 1950
This country enters the conflict in Korea and masses troops along its borderNovember 9th, 1950
This country obtains its first atomic bombFebruary 26th, 1952
East Germany closes its entry doors to anyone who is not of this political backgroundJune 1st, 1952
This man is elected the 34th president of the U.S.November 5th, 1952
The leader of the Soviet Union diesMarch 5th, 1953

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