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This congressman is responsible for the Afghan soldiers defeating the USSR in AfghanistanMay 15th, 1989
This country becomes the 1st communist state to evolve and vote into a democracyApril 5th, 1989
A public protest where Chinese soldiers attack and kill students protesting for democracyJune 5th, 1989
This countries arm sales are up 66% to underdeveloped countriesAugust 1st, 1989
Refuges begin to leave this country for Austria for more freedomSeptember 11th, 1989
Tearing down of this physical symbol that divided Germany beginsNovember 10th, 1989
Non-violent revolution in Czechoslovakia that saw the overthrow of the authoritarian govt.November 17th, 1989
Nicolae Ceausescu, communist pres. of this country is excecutedDecember 31st, 1989
Gorbachev becomes the 1st one of these in the USSR after the title was changedMarch 15th, 1990
This country declares independence from the Soviet UnionAugust 23rd, 1990
This country is united after a 45-yr splitOctober 3rd, 1990
For the 1st time in decades the U.S./USSR agree on the same foreign affairs decsion regarding this M.E. countrySeptember 25th, 1990
After 70yrs of athiest-communist propaganda, Soviet citizens are now allowed to have thisSeptember 26th, 1990
This 'war' officially begins to end, when 22 heads of state agree to dismantle Europes massive arsenalsNovember 19th, 1990
This man who led Poland's Independent union Solidarity movement is elected presidentDecember 9th, 1990
The communist military alliance known as this, was voted on to be dissolvedFebruary 25th, 1991
This country proclaims independence from the Soviet UnionApril 9th, 1991
Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia, also known as these, proclaim their independence from the USSRSeptember 6th, 1991
The USSR signs a treaty formally ending 23yrs of military occupation over this country June 25th, 1991
This man is the new president of the Soviet UnionJuly 10th, 1991
USSR announces they will remove all troops that they have stationed in this countrySeptember 11th, 1991
Bush declares that all of these will be removed from Europe and Asia, as well as the 24-hr bombing alert statusSeptember 27th, 1991
With the fall of communism, Leningrad changes its name back to thisOctober 1st, 1991
This Soviet inteligence agency splits up into 3 seperate departmentsOctober 11th, 1991
The Soviet Union was dissolved reverting back to this country's former nameDecember 26th, 1991
This European country is dissolved and several new countries are created as a resultJanuary 15th, 1992
The Pentagon announces the closing of 83 of these in EuropeJanuary 30th, 1992

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