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Can you name the Historical Events During the Cold War--part 3?

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JFK send troops into this country to balance the battle against communisim in east-AsiaMay 29th, 1962
The Pentagon announces the 1st federal construction plan for this, protection from an nuclear attack June 1st, 1962
Country that begins arming and training the Cuban armySeptember 2nd, 1962
This int'l org. created to monitor human rights around the worldOctober 15th, 1962
USSR offers to remove bases in Cuba if the U.S. removes them from this Euro-Asian countryOctober 27th, 1962
Nuclear conflict narrowly avoided between the U.S. and USSROctober 28th, 1962
U.S. report released saying that the type of testing the Soviet and U.S. were engaging in doubled the worlds radioactive debris in 1962May 31st, 1963
This method of communication between Moscow and D.C. which was designed to reduce the risk of accidental warAugust 30th, 1963
He is sworn in as the 36th U.S. presidentNovember 22nd, 1963
U.S./USSR both used this to photograph each others bases and troop movementsMay 29th, 1964
Castro offers to halt aid to rebels in this region of the world, if the U.S. halts its subversive activitiesJuly 6th, 1964
Congress voted to give LBJ more military power in Indo-China after he falsely alledges that N. Vietnam attacked U.S. ships hereAugust 7th, 1964
This country joins the arms race after it detonates its 1st a-bombOctober 16th, 1964
This man replaces Khrushchev as premier of the USSROctober 17th, 1964
The U.S. begins using this type of fire bomb in VietnamApril 15th, 1965
The U.S. had 14,000 troops in this Carribean country preventing commies from taking powerMay 13th, 1965
LBJ sends 50,000 more troops to this country escalating the situation from a conflict to warJuly 28th, 1965
U.S. sold military equipment to this country to balance its own U.S. and Soviet shipments to Arab countriesFebruary 5th, 1966
This country pulls its armed forces out of NATOJuly 1st, 1966
The North Vietnamese break the new year truce and launch a major offensive into South Vietnam January 31st, 1968
Soviets invade this eastern-European country adding to their empireAugust 22nd, 1968
This man is elected the 37th president of the U.S.November 6th, 1968
This man becomes the 1st person to walk on the moonJuly 20th, 1969
Colonial independence leader and the 1st president of North Vietnam diesSeptember 4th, 1969
250,000 protesters of this type march in Washington D.C. to show opposition to events in Indo-ChinaNovember 15th, 1969
The United States and the USSR meet in Helsinki begining these talks aimed at nuclear arms reductionNovember 17th, 1969
Nixon renounces this type of unconventional warfare and begins destroying its stockpilesNovember 25th, 1969
The 1st lottery type of this kind since 1942 is reinstatedDecember 1st, 1969
Nixon sends troops into this neighboring country of VietnamApril 30th, 1970
Student protesters are shot and killed by police protesting the war at this university in MississippiMay 15th, 1970
3 days later, students are again killed, this time by National Guardsmen after protesting at this university in OhioMay 18th, 1970

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