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Event that started out as a strike and protesting that turned into rioting and spread throughout East Germany which inturn had to be suppressed by Soviet troopsJune 21st, 1953
An armistance was signed ending this warJuly 28th, 1953
This is considered the DMZ-line of North and South Korea because of its geographical locationJuly 28th, 1953
CBS commentator, w/ considerable public support, accuses McCarthy of engaging in half-truths trying to confuse the public about internal communisimMarch 12th, 1954
The French are defeated at this battle marking the begining of the end of colonialism in VietnamMay 8th, 1954
Pact unifying the Eastern bloc nations militaryMay 14th, 1955
This central American country imposes a state of siege due to an alleged communist plotJune 26th, 1956
Gamal Nasser, Pres. of Egypt, does this to the Suez Canal causing economic concerns in EuropeJuly 26th, 1956
Anti-Soviet protests in this country turn into a revolution against dictatorship ruleOctober 30th, 1956
The British, French, and Israeli military attack Egypt in this war over control of its canalOctober 31st, 1956
Delagation from this Middle Eastern nation arrives in Moscow establishing close ties to the USSRAugust 7th, 1957
1st Soviet satellite launched into spaceOctober 4th, 1957
NATO began stationing these throughout EuropeDecember 19th, 1957
Middle Eastern version of NATO, created to prevent communisim from spreading in the regionJanuary 21st, 1958
This man takes over as premier of the Soviet UnionMarch 27th, 1958
The U.S. reports the first firing of this, capable of crossing continents November 28th, 1958
Cuban revolutionaries take over the government and force Batista out in favor of this manJanuary 16th, 1959
This country tests its 1st atomic bombFebruary 13th, 1960
People who fled East Germany for West Germany were refered to as thisApril 22nd, 1960
The Soviets shot down this type of U.S. spy planeMay 26th, 1960
This island known to station U.S. and British military bases recieves its independenceAugust 16th, 1960
Oil industry organizational monoply is createdSeptember 14th, 1960
The 35th president of the U.S. is electedNovember 9th, 1960
Eisenhower warned that 'the potential for the rise of misplaced power' in the military minded govt. could lead to this, through a technolocigal raceJanuary 17th, 1961
He is elected president of South VietnamApril 10th, 1961
This country was the 1st to put a man in spaceApril 12th, 1961
CIA operation, without presidential approval, where Cuban exiles stormed its beaches in an attempt to oust its governmentApril 25th, 1961
The construction of this begins, seperating East Germany from West GermanyAugust 31st, 1961
President Tito invites 25 nations to attend this conference on neutrality in the Cold WarSeptember 1st, 1961
JFK orders the number of advisors in this country to be raised form 700 to 16,000November 14th, 1961
U.S. begins testing atomic bombs in this type of enviornment March 2nd, 1962

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