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He became president of Egypt. He had strong views on pan-ArabismApril 18th, 1954
Scandal where Israeli military intell. planted bombs on Egypt, U.S. and British targets hoping the Muslims, Communists, or unspecified nationalists would get blamedJuly 1954
Israel, France and Britain attack Egypt in an attempt to take the Sinai Peninsula and a famous canal1956
This U.S. president put political pressure on Israel, France and Britain to leave the area's occupied in Egypt1957
Palestinian political party is established. It became the largest political group in the territories1958
Egypt and Syria merge to form this country in an attempt at pan-arabism, it lasted for only 3 years1958 - 1961
Political & paramilitary organization is founded. It is recognized as the sole representitive of the Palestinians1964
It is widely believed that Israel obtained this type of weaponry around this time period1964?
Name of very brief war that pit Israel against Syria, Egypt, and Jordan1967
U.S. Navy spy boat stationed in int'l waters in the Mediterraen was attacked by Israeli jets and torpedosJune 8th, 1967
Strategic mountainous area was & still is occupied by Israel from Syria after the war between them in 1967June 1967
UN resolution calling for return of territories occupied by Israel during the 1967 war and work twords a lasting peace in the Middle EastNov. 22nd, 1967
Palestinian terroist group founded by George HabashDec. 1967
The battle at this Jordanian village helped swell the ranks of the PLO after the Israeli Army were forced to withdraw their forcesMarch 21st, 1968
Elected leader of the Palestinian gov'tFeb. 3rd, 1969
She is elected the 1st female prime minister of IsraelMarch 17th, 1969
After several attempts by Palestinian factions on the King of Jordan's life, he inturn decides to expel the PLO which evolves into this warSept. 1970 to July 1971
He is elected the president of SyriaFeb. 22nd, 1971
After the PLO were expelled from Jordan they moved their operations to this Lebanese city1971
City where a Palestinian Terror group abducted and executed 11 Israeli athletes at the '72 OlympicsSept. 5th - 6th, 1972
Egypt and Syria mounted a preplanned attack against Israel in what became known as this warOct. 6th - 25th, 1973
The 1st one of these happens where a Palestinian terrorist blows himself up in an attempt to kill Israeli civilians and military personalApril 1974
As a result of U.S. intervention into the 1973 war OPEC cut oil production to the U.S. steadily in an attempt to force Israel to give into Palestinian rights of self determinationOct. 1973 - March 1974
This country fell into a civil war due to the different ethnic and religious backgrounds, plus interference form Syria and IsraelApril 1975 - Oct. 1990
Meetings in Washington ochestrated by Jimmy CarterSept. 18th, 1978
Israel signs a peace agreement ending war w/ this nation since 1948March 1979
Egyptian pres. assassinated by radicals in his military as a result of signing a peace deal with IsraelOct. 6th, 1981
Israeli army attacks Southern Lebanon in 1982 to eliminate the PLO, many Lebanese and Palestinian civilians were killedJune to Sept. 1982
Lebanese political, military, & terror organization, created as a result of the war in the above questionJune 1982
Refugee camps where a massacre on Palestinian and Lebanese civilians by Phalangist Lebanese forces with the help of the Israeli militarySept. 16th-18th, 1982
After being forced out of Lebanon the Palestinian political & terror groups are given residence in this country1982
A peaceful march that evolved into a Palestinian uprisingDec. 1987 to Sept. 1993
Islamic political and terrorist organization is created as a result of the Palestinian uprisingDec. 1987
1st agreement signed between Israel and the Palestinian politicians setting the framework for future concessionsSept. 13th, 1993
Name of the government that makes all legislative & executive decsions for the PalestiniansMay 4th, 1994
Israel signs a peace treaty ending war since 1948 with this countryOct. 26th, 1994
Israeli P.M. assassinated by a Jewish radical after signing a peace agreement w/ the PalestiniansNov. 4th, 1995
2nd uprising that began when hostilities escaleted when a Israeli politician visited the al-Aqsa MosqueSept. 28th, 2000
Former general & politician mentioned above is elected P.M. of IsraelMarch 7th, 2001
Controversial security measure taken by Israel in the West Bank. It seperates cultures and is a territory grab form the '67 boundries2002
He is elected president of the Palestinian governmentJan. 15th, 2005
War breaks out in Lebanon between these 2 entitiesJuly & Aug. 2006

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