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Can You Name The Members of the Brotherhood & Sisterhood of Mutants?

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True Identinty or HintBrotherhood of Evil Mutants
Crimelord in Cairo, Egypt
Host to Yuriko Oyama *
Twin sister of Sublime *
Beth Al-Reraph
Dominikos Petrakis
Mike Columbus
Dr. Henry McCoy
Dr. Henry McCoy (Earth-13729) ^
Barnell Bohusk
Selene Gallio *
Thomas Cassidy
Fred Dukes
Fred Dukes (Earth-295, AoA)
Byron Calley
Interdimensional pirate *
Dr. Henry McCoy (Earth-295, AoA)
Wade Wilson (Earth-13729) ^
Irene Adler
Amora *
Xavier student with progeria
A Stepford Cuckoo
Morlocks member
Bennet du Paris
Pamela Greenwood
Alex Summers
True Identinty or HintBrotherhood of Evil Mutants
Robert Darke (Earth-13729) ^
Max Eisenhardt clone
Cain Marko
Yuriko Oyama *
Regan Wyngarde *
Ned Lathrop
Lani Ubanu
Max Eisenhardt
Maximus Jensen
Jason Wyngarde
Jason Wyngarde clone
Martinique Jason *
Calvin Rankin
Has super strength (Earth-13729) ^
Raven Darkholme
Martha Johansson
Talia Wagner (Earth-2182)
Arkady Rossovich clone
Arkady Rossovich clone
Arkady Rossovich clone
Peter Quinn
Eileen Harsaw
Kevin Tremain
Charles Xavier
Elizabeth Braddock *
John Allerdyce
Pietro Maximoff
True Identinty or HintBrotherhood of Evil Mutants
Pietro Maximoff clone
'....' Logan (Earth-13729) ^
Madelyne Pryor *
Female blind assassin *
Kwannon *
Anna Marie
Victor Creed
Karl Lykos
Wanda Maximoff
Wanda Maximoff clone
Psionic entity that possess people
Randall Darby
Shingen Harada, II
Skin removed from body
Aaron Salomon
Generates mucas (Earth-13729) ^
Rita Hayword *
Mortimer Toynbee
Mortimer Toynbee clone
Mary Walker *
Gunther Bain
Nate Grey (Earth-295, AoA)
Charles '......', II (Earth-13729) ^
Kuan-Yin '....'
Jean Grey (Earth-13729) ^

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