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Can You Name The Top Box Office Movies That Are About International and Domestic Terrorism?

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Actor/Actress in FilmMoviesGross Amount/Year
Daniel Craig, Javier Bardem$304,360,277 (2012)
Tom Cruise, Ving Rhames$215,409,889 (2000)
Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner$209,397,903 (2011)
Tom Cruise, Simon Pegg$195,042,377 (2015)
Harrison Ford, Gary Oldman$172,956,409 (1997)
Daniel Craig, Eva Green$167,445,960 (2006)
A Schwarzenegger, J. Lee Curtis$146,282,411 (1994)
Vin Diesel, Samuel L. Jackson$142,109,382 (2002)
Bruce Willis, Mary Elizabeth Winstead$134,529,403 (2007)
Sean Connery, Nicolas Cage$134,069,511 (1996)
Pierce Brosnan, Denise Richards$126,943,684 (1999)
Pierce Brosnan, Teri Hatcher$125,304,276 (1997)
Keanu Reeves, Sandra Bullock$121,248,145 (1994)
Ben Affleck, Morgan Freeman$118,907,036 (2002)
Angelina Jolie, Liev Schreiber$118,311,368 (2010)
Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson$100,012,499 (1995)
Gerald Butler, Aaron Eckhart$98,925,640 (2013)
Jason Clarke, Joel Edgerton$95,720,716 (2012)
Liam Neeson, Julianne Moore$92,168,600 (2014)
Harrison Ford, Sean Bean$83,351,587 (1992)
Channing Tatum, Jamie Foxx$73,103,784 (2013)
Dennis Quaid, Forest Whitaker$72,266,306 (2008)
John Travolta, Christian Slater$70,770,147 (1996)
Nicolas Cage, Michael Peña$70,278,893 (2006)
John Travolta, Halle Berry$69,772,969 (2001)
Roselyn Sanchez, Jason Cottle$69,257,474 (2012)
Roger Moore, Louis Jourdan$67,893,619 (1983)
Sean Connery, Claudine Auger$63,595,658 (1965)
Actor/Actress in FilmMoviesGross Amount/Year
Stephen Rea, Forest Whitaker$62,546,695 (1992)
Gerald Butler, Morgan Freeman$62,524,260 (2016)
Robert Redford, Brad Pitt$62,362,560 (2001)
Kurt Russell, John Leguizamo$56,569,216 (1996)
James Badge Dale, John Krasinski$52,853,219 (2016)
George Clooney, Matt Damon$50,824,620 (2005)
Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Garner$47,536,778 (2007)
Eric Bana, Daniel Craig$47,403,685 (2005)
roger Moore, Barbara Bach$46,838,673 (1977)
Wesley Snipes, Tom Sizemore$44,065,653 (1992)
Sean Connery, Jill St. John$43,819,547 (1971)
Sean Connery, Mie Hama$43,084,787 (1967)
Harrison Ford, Brad Pitt$42,868,348 (1997)
Nicole Kidman, George Clooney$41,263,140 (1997)
D. Washington, Annette Bening$40,981,289 (1998)
A. Schwarzenegger, J. Leguizamo $40,077,257 (2002)
Leonardo DiCaprio, Russell Crowe$39,394,666 (2008)
Brad Pitt, Edward Norton$37,030,102 (1999)
Geena Davis, Samuel L. Jackson$33,447,612 (1996)
Khalid Abdalla, Olivia Thrilby$31,483,450 (2006)
Tommy Lee Jones, Jeff Bridges$30,156,002 (1994)
Mark Wahlberg, Kevin Bacon$28,306,013 (2017)
D. Day Lewis, Pete Postlethwaite$25,096,862 (1993)
Sean Connery, Robert Shaw$24,796,765 (1963)
Tim Robbins, Jeff Bridges$24,756,177 (1999)
J. Travolta, Jonathan Rhys Meyers$24,077,427 (2010)
Don Cheadle, Guy Pearce$23,530,831 (2008)

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