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ClueHistorical PersonDate of Assassination
U.S. pres. killed for preserving the union and ending slaveryApril 14th, 1865
Pres. of Egypt murdered by fundamentalists in his military for signing a peace accord w/ IsraelOctober 6th, 1981
American primatologist that studied mountain gorillas in RwandaDecember 26th, 1985
Influential leader and military tactitian of the Zulu KingdomSeptember 22nd, 1828
Irish crime reporter murdered for investigating drug lords in IrelandJune, 26th, 1996
Argentine intellectual, physician, author and military revolutionist killed in BoliviaOctober 9th, 1967
Mexican revolutionary general who seized land and money for distribution to peasants and soldiersJuly 20th, 1923
King of Saudi Arabia credited with rescuing the country's finances and implementing modernizationMarch 25th, 1975
Former exiled Russian communist leader and political opponent of Stalin, killed in MexicoAugust 20th, 1940
Dictator of Nicaragua who was assassinated by the SandinistasSeptember 17th, 1980
Black U.S. Muslim minister and human rights activist leaderFebruary 21st, 1965
Russian mystic peasant, nicknamed the 'Mad Monk', who deceived his way into the Imperial PalaceDecember 29th, 1916
Clergyman, activist, and civil rights leader known for policies of non-violent civil disobedienceApril 4th, 1968
Former member of The Beatles who wrote many songs during his solo career for the anti-war movementDecember 8th, 1980
Created the philosophy of Non-Violent-Civil Disobedience during his fight for independence in IndiaJanuary 30th, 1948
King of the Achamenid (Persian) Empire known for his invasion of Sparta and the Greek mainland465 BC
Pres. of the U.S. killed in Dallas leading to one of the biggest gov't conspiracy theoriesNovember 22nd, 1963
ClueHistorical PersonDate of Assassination
P.M. of Israel killed by a right-wing Israeli radical for signing a peace accord with the PalestiniansNovember 4th, 1995
Emperor of Russia, known for freeing the serfs (slaves)March 3rd, 1855
P.M. of Pakistan and 1st woman elected to head a Muslim stateDecember 27th, 2007
American journalist killed in Pakistan while investigating terrorismFebruary 1st, 2002
1st president of South Vietnam, considered a corrupt authoritarianNovember 2nd, 1963
U.S. civil rights activist killed by the KKK, he is buried at Arlington National CemeteryJune 12th, 1963
Archduke of the Austro-Hungarian Empire that was assassinated sparking WWIJune 28th, 1914
Irish revolutionary leader and Director of Intelligence for the IRAAugust 22nd, 1922
Former KGB agent and opponent of Vladimir Putin that was poisoned by Polonium while living in LondonNovember 23rd, 2006
The last Russian emperor before the Bolshevik revolutionMarch 15th, 1917
Former Attorney Gereral, U.S. Senator, presidential candidate and advocate for civil rightsJune 6th, 1968
Leading figure in the Mexican Revolution that formed and commanded an important revolutionary forceApril 10th, 1919
Pres. of the Int'l Brotherhood of Teamsters, American Labor Union, who had ties w/ the mobJuly 30th, 1975
Militant Islamist terrorist who formed Al-Qaeda in Iraq to battle local opposition and U.S. troopsJune 6th, 2006
He was chosen as UN Security Council mediator over the Arab-Israeli conflict and was killed by the Zionist terrorist group LehiSeptember 17th, 1948
General and statesman who transformed the Roman Republic into a empireMarch 15th, 44BC
Fascist P.M. of Italy during WWIIApril 28th, 1945

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