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Can you name the Historical Facts Surrounding the Arab-Israeli Conflict?

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Palestinian territory occupied by Israel-
Palestinian territory occupied by Israel-
Language spoken by Palestinians-
Official language of Israel-
Both Arabs and Jews are considered to be both this based on the roots of their language and heritage-
Religious area containing both the Jewish site of the Dome of the Rock and Islamic site of the al-Aqsa Mosqueconstructed 1850BC
Most sacred site of Judaism. Its common to write your prayer on a piece of paper and leave it in a crack of the wallconstructed 37BC-4BC
This political entity was created to strive for a Jewish home in Palestine1897
He is considered the father of the movement in the previous question1860 - 1904
This empire colonized the entire Middle East and North Africa until 19171512 - 1917
The 1st Jewish socialist collective farm called this is established1909
Correspondence between the Brit. High Commissioner & the Shariff of Mecca on what to do w/ the Middle East after WWI1915 - 1916
A secret pact signed between Britain-France-Russia dividing up the M.E. as colonial gains, a contradiction to previous and future agreementsMay 16th, 1916
British declaration for a Jewish country of their own in PalestineNov. 2nd, 1917
U.S. led commision pursuing the question of self-determination by consulting the inhabitants opinionsAug. 28th, 1919
Empirical mandator of Palestine1920-1948
Jewish paramilitary org. created to protect Jewish immigration and the population in Palestine from attacks1920-1948
British colonial secretary that was incharge of the M. E. mandates1921-1922
Uprising against Jewish immigration & smuggling of weapons in Palestine through strikes, protests & attacks 1936 - 1939
British report suggesting a partition of Palestine is appropriate creating a independent Palestine and IsraelJuly 1937
Jewish terrorist group that organized attacks on Palestinians & the British during its mandate1937 - 1948
Document released by the British limiting Jewish immigration into Palestine with intentions to secure a Palestinian stateMay 1939
Term used to describe Palestinians who fight till the death for a Palestinian state1939
Jewish terror group that attacked the British to force them out of Palestine1940 - 1948
Elite Jewish command force in WWII fighting against Nazi occupation of Vichy Syria and Lebanon1941
Famous hotel in Jerusalem where a terrorist attack by a Jewish group killed several Brit's, Arabs and JewsJuly 22nd, 1946
Name of the Palestinian villiage where sleeping inhabitants were attacked by Jewish terrorist groups, hundreds of men, women and children were killedApril 9th, 1948
Eastern-European country that sold weapons to Israel-Arab states1940's-1980's
This country achieves its indep.May 14th, 1948
Elected 1st prime minister of IsraelMay 14th, 1948
Israeli domestic intell. agency is formed. Considered the Israeli version of the FBIMay 14th, 1948
1st Arab-Israeli warMay 1948-1949
The Jewish paramilitary forces dissolved into this current armyMay 26th, 1948
Holy city split into east & west through UN General Assembly resolution 194Dec. 11th, 1948
UN resolution calling for the right of return for Palestinian refugees from the '48 warDec. 11th, 1948
1st one of these is assembled where Israeli laws are voted on and formedFeb. 14th, 1949
Citizens that left or fled from their homes resided in these, which still holds millions of people in Lebanon, Jordan, and Syria1949
UN led program that brings education, health care, social services and emergency aid to all PalestiniansDec. 8th, 1949
This Israeli international intelligence agency is formed. It is considered the Israeli version of the CIADec. 13th, 1949

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