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Co-Star in FilmMovieYear Released
Harrison Ford1985
Stephen McHattie1987
Chelsea Field1988
Molly Ringwald1988
Terence Knox1989
Kate Hodge1989
Emileo Estevez1990
Patricia Arquette1991
Andie MacDowell1993
Harvey Keitel1993
Al Pacino1993
Wesley Snipes1993
Donal Logue1994
Andy Rivera1994
John Cusack1994
Ryo Ishibashi1994
Christopher Walken1995
Denzel Washington1995
Ingrid Berg1995
Brendan Fraser1996
Nicole Kidman1996
Sylvester Stallone1996
Co-Star in FilmMovieYear Released
Matt Dillon1996
Christine Elise1997
Demi Moore1997
Liev Schreiber1998
Vince Vaughn1998
Michael Douglas1998
Sandra Bullock2000
Liv Tyler2001
Ian McKellen2002
Elijah Wood2003
Omar Sharif2004
Ed Harris2005
Namoi Watts2007
Ed Harris2008
Renée Zellweger2008
Charlize Theron2009
Keira Knightley2012
Sam Riley2012
Kirsten Dunst2014
Reda Kateb2014
George MacKay2016

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