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Can You Name The Marvel Characters Whose Names Begin With The Letter 'S'?

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Peter Parker6,540
Ororo Munroe2,884
Wanda Maximoff2,081
Kitty Pryde1,719
Jennifer Walters1,466
Norrin Radd1,193
Victor Creed941
Jessica Drew877
Mutant hunting robots843
Shapeshifting alien race799
Roberto da Costa767
William Baker673
Asgardian warrior604
Mac Gargan552
Monica Rambeau522
Robbie Baldwin507
alias--'Agent 13'502
Robert Reynolds496
Walter Langkowski472
Shiro Yoshida388
'Master of Kung-Fu'383
Melissa Gold375
alias--'Black King'370
Guido Carosella356
Eros (Eternals)339
Circe (Eternals)325
Cassandra Lang325
Ben Reilly298
Alien race of avian descent297
Michael Twoyoungmen296
alias--'Lady Tessa'287
Gaveedra Seven282
KI'rt (Skrull)272
Herman Schultz265
Jacques DuQuesne248
Wife of Ka-Zar247
Kaine, 1st Peter Parker clone 239
Noriko Ashida237
Walter Newell236
Narya (Alpha Flight)230
Alien race that needs a host227
Silver Sablinova226
Collection of Kree minds213
Kenuichio Harada190
Karl Lykos189
Aña Corazon182
Jacqueline Falsworth180
alias--'Black Queen'178
Rita Wayword178
Andreas von Strucker174
Peter Quill171
Sally Bevins170
Stakar Vaughn167
Angelo Espinosa163
Maxillian Coleridge159
Everett Thomas158
John Greycow158
Clone of Cable157
Creator of Marvel Comics156
A cosmic being156
Sharon Ventura155
Craft made of Celestial tech151
Wilbur Day (hydraulic suit)149
James Sanders143
Ebenezer Laughton139
Young Avengers member136
Son of the Hulk135
Sinthia Schmidt132
alias--Amahl Farouk130
Norinn Radd's lover128
Agents of a terrorist group127
Copys other peoples powers125
King of the Fire Demons123
Guardian of the Mindscape114
Sister of Hellstorm113
Paraplegic mutant113
Silvio Manfredi112
Vrill Rokk (Imperial Guard)110
Heather Hudson (Exiles)109
Imperial Guard member105
Ruth Bat-Seraph101
Victor Creed, Earth-295100

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