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Arrested during US invasion of Panama for drug traffickingJanuary 4th, 1990
This African country in the south became fully independentMarch 21st, 1990
Middle East Gulf countries that merged to form this current countryMay 22nd, 1990
Took power in Pakistan through a coupAugust 8th, 1990
Country united after a 45-yr splitOctober 3rd, 1990
He is elected president of PolandDecember 9th, 1990
Iraq Invades this countryFebruary 28th, 1991
Russian city changed its name from Leningrad back toOctober 1st, 1991
Declaration signed disolving this European empireDecember 21th, 1991
Rioting ends in L.A. after aquittal of 4 policmen in the beating of this manMay 2nd, 1992
Elected as the 42nd U.S. PresidentNovember 4th, 1992
1st attack on this building by al-QaedaFebruary 26th, 1993
A 51 day siege ends in this Texas cityApril 19th, 1993
Dominant white rule ends in this countryDecember, 22nd 1993
Genocide performed by the Hutu in this countryApril 21st, 1994
The 37th U.S. President diesApril 22nd, 1994
South Africa's first black presidentMay 10th, 1994
He bombed a Oklahoma federal buildingApril 19st, 1995
New President of FranceMay 7th, 1995
Israeli prime minister assassinated after signing peace agreementNovember 4th, 1995
Another leak 10 years later at the same nuclear plantApril 26th, 1996
These 2 countries Celebrated 50 years of independence from British ruleAugust 15th, 1997
Tragic car accident claimed the life of a princessAugust 31st, 1997
Famous U.S. singer and actor diesMay 14th, 1998
U.S. Embassies in these 2 African Countries fall victim to a simultaneous terrorist attackAugust 7th, 1998
New currency implemented in most of Western EuropeJanuary 1st, 1999
King of Jordan diesFebruary 7th, 1999
U.S. City where the WTO talks collapsed due to violent street protestsDecember 4th, 1999

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