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Funeral held for this French philosopherApril 15th. 1980
Previous colonial name of ZimbabweApril 18th, 1980
Election of the 40th president of the U.S.November 4th 1980
Led by this man, millions of Polish workers begin to strike in order to achieve better working rightsJanuary 24th, 1981
U.S. hostages released from this countryJanuary 31st, 1981
Assassination of this Egyptian PresidentOctober 6th, 1981
U.S. bans travel to this countryApril 19th, 1982
Israeli Invasion into this country in an attempt to expell the PLOJune 29th, 1982
1st surgical implant of thisDecember 2nd, 1982
Mehmet Ali Agca arrested in an attempt on this holy figures life, reveals that Soviet intelligence took part in the plotJuly 9th, 1983
The U.S. funded both sides of this war in an effort to further destabilize both countries and prolong the conflictJuly 14th, 1983
U.S. invasion of this island countryOctober 25th, 1983
Leader of the Soviet Union diesFebruary 13th, 1984
Name of plan ratified by UK and IrelandNovember 27th, 1985
U.S. space shuttle that exploded after take offJanuary 31st, 1986
USSR nuclear plant that melted downApril 26th, 1986
NATO accepts Reagan's plans to produce these types of weapons for the 1st time since 1969May 22nd, 1986
This country was used as an intermediate by the U.S. to sell weapons to the IraniansNovember 19th, 1986
The U.S. begins answering questions on the connection of weapons sales to Iran and then diverting money to aid rebels in NicaraguaNovember 30th, 1986
Over 50,000 students from this country begin protesting for democratic reformsDecember 21st, 1986
A government official was quoted as saying this country has obtained nuclear weapons and joined the arms raceMarch 1st, 1987
This Lt. Col. in the Army testifies to having a part in the U.S. arms dealJuly 11th, 1987
This crash was worse than the one in 1929October 20th, 1987
Name of Palestinian uprisingDecember 11th, 1987
Gorbachev's plan for restructuring USSRJanuary 1st, 1988
Election of the 41st president of the U.S.November 4th, 1988
1st woman prime minister of PakistanNovember 14th, 1988
Oil tanker responsible for worst spill everMarch 30th, 1989
Religious leader of Iran diesJune 3th, 1989
Square where Chinese soldiers killed students protesting for democracyJune 5th, 1989
Soviet supported Cuban troops begin to withdraw from this African countryJanuary 10th, 1989
Tearing down of the physical symbol that divided GermanyNovember 10th, 1989
Bush-Gorbachev officially end this warDecember 3rd, 1989

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