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This country tests its 1st atomic bomb joining the arms raceFebruary 13th, 1960
The Soviets shot down this type of U.S. spy planeMay 26th, 1960
Island country gains indep. from BritainAugust 16th, 1960
This organizational monoply of the oil industry is createdSeptember 14th, 1960
Britain's largest colony gains indep.October 1st, 1960
1st country to put a man in spaceApril 12th, 1961
Country where the Bay of Pigs invasion occuredApril 17th, 1961
A CIA operation, without presidential approval, where Cuban exiles stormed its beaches in an attempt to oust its gov'tApril 25th, 1961
The construction of this begins, seperating East Germany from West GermanyAugust 31st, 1961
JFK orders the number of advisors in this country to be raised form 700 to 16,000November 14th, 1961
Country acheives indep. from FranceJuly 3rd, 1962
This actress and pin up girl diesAugust 5th, 1962
This int'l org. created to monitor human rights around the worldOctober 15th, 1962
Nuclear conflict avoided between U.S./USSROctober 28th, 1962
MLK gave this famous speech at a civil rights rallyAugust 28th, 1963
The city where JFK was assassinated November 22nd, 1963
The man accused of assassinating JFK is gunned down 2 days later. hmm?November 24th, 1963
India's 1st prime minister diesMay 28th, 1964
Congress voted to give LBJ more military power in Indo-China after he falsely alledges that N. Vietnam attacked U.S. ships hereAugust 7th, 1964
This country tested its 1st atomic bombOctober 16th, 1964
Country changed its name upon independence from Northern Rhodesia toOctober 24th, 1964
MLK receives this prestigious prizeDecember 10th, 1964
Former British P.M. and WWII hero diesJanuary 24th, 1965
This actor is elected govener of CaliforniaNovember 8th, 1966
War between Israel and many Arab statesJune 5th, 1967
Latin American revolutionary leader killed in BoliviaOctober 9th, 1967
The North Vietnamese break the new year truce and launch a major offensive into South VietnamJanuary 31st, 1968
This civil rights leader is assassinatedApril 4th 1968
This presidential canidate is assassinatedJune 5th, 1968
The 37th president of the U.S. is electedNovember 5th, 1968
1st Israeli woman is elected P.M.March, 17th, 1969
The 1st person to walk on the moonJuly 20th, 1969
A three day festival of love and musicAugust 17th, 1969
Siezes power in Libya through a coupSeptember 1st, 1969

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