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Senator thought everyone was a communistFebruary 20th, 1950
Jordan annexes this Palestinian territoryApril 24th, 1950
The 1st human transplant of thisJune 17th, 1950
3-year war in Asia between communist north and democratic south beginsJune 25th, 1950
This country and organization agree to send troops into KoreaJune 27th, 1950
U.S. detonates the 1st bomb of this typeMay 12th, 1951
This king of Jordan is assassinated July 20th, 1951
North African country received indep. from ItalyDecember 24th, 1951
This country obtains the atomic bomb furthering the arms raceFebruary 26th, 1952
The 34th President and former war hero of the U.S. is electedNovember 5th, 1952
Dictator who had a hand in killing approx. 100-million of his own citizens, diesMarch 5th, 1953
She is crowned queen of the UKJune 2nd, 1953
Event that started out as a strike and protesting turned into rioting and spread throughout E. Germany which inturn had to be suppressed by USSR troopsJune 21st, 1953
Marilyn Monroe marries this baseball starJanuary 14th, 1954
This CBS commentator, with considerable public support, accuses McCarthy of engaging in half-truths trying to confuse the public about internal communisimMarch 12th, 1954
The French are defeated at this battle marking the begining of the end of colonialism in VietnamMay 8th, 1954
This pact, unifying the Eastern bloc nations military is signedMay 14th, 1955
Indep. Org. comprised of the worlds elite in politics, military, media, banking and business gather once a year to plan world foreign policy has their 1st meeting in the NetherlandMay 29th, 1954
The brilliant mind that came up with the theory of relativity diesApril 18th, 1955
Theme park opens up in California based off of several movies & cartoon charactersJuly 18th, 1955
Known for his policies of pan-arabism, he is elected president of EgyptJune 23rd, 1956
This country started the Velvet Revolution uprising against the USSROctober 23rd, 1956
Britain, France and Israel attack Egypt in an attempt to take control of this, after it was nationalizedOctober 29th, 1956
This Soviet satellite was the 1st to be launched into spaceOctober 4th, 1957
This colonial country formally the Gold Coast is granted independenceMarch 6th, 1957
Egypt and Syria merge and create this unsucessfull country for 3 yearsFebruary 1st, 1958
The U.S. successfully launches its 1st one of these into spaceFebruary 1st, 1958
The new president of FranceDecember 21st, 1958
These territories become the 49th and 50th states of the U.S.January and August 1959
Through a revolution this man becomes president of CubaFebruary 16th, 1959
This priest becomes the new president of CyprusDecember 14th, 1959

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