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Can you name the movie in which this punch occurred?

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Karen Allen punched Harrison Ford
Vince Vaughan punched Bradley Cooper
Sylvester Stallone punched Dolph Lundgren
Crispin Glover punched Thomas F. Wilson
Edward Norton punched Brad Pitt
Rowdy Roddy Piper punched Keith David
Mike Tyson punched Zach Galifianakis
Chevy Chase punched an animatronic Moose
Chris Makepeace punched Matt Dillon
Bob Barker punched Adam Sandler
Alex Karras punched a horse
Arnold Schwarzenegger punched Robert Patrick
Casey Siemaszko punched Richard Tyson
Bill Murray punched Steven Tobelowsky
Robert DeNiro punched Johnny Barnes
Jim Carrey punched Jim Carrey
William Zabka punched Ralph Macchio
Keanu Reeves punched Hugo Weaving
Bonnie Bedelia punched William Atherton
Margot Kidder punched Sarah Douglas
Clyde punched John Quade
Sylvester Stallone punched Hulk Hogan

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