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Can you name the people who worked at Cheers

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all 275owner, bartender
all 275waitress, bartender
Seasons 4-11barternder
Seasons 6-11manager, bartender
Seasons 1-5waitress, bartender
Seasons 1-3bartender
Season 4, 'Banditos (aka Diane Chambers Day)'; Season 5, 'Dinner at Eight-ish'waitress
Season 11, 'The Guy Can't Help It'; 'One for the Road'beer tap repairman/'plumber'
Season 2, 'Little Sister Don't Cha'waitress
Season 2, 'No Help Wanted'; Season 6, episode 6 'Paint Your Office'; Season 9 'Cheers Fouls Out'accountant; painter; bartender
Season 2, 'When There's A Will...'bartender
Season 3, 'Rebound (Part 2)'waitress
Season 3, 'If Ever I Would Leave You'janitor/odd jobs
Season 3, 'The Bartender's Tale'waitress, bartender
Season 4, 'Woody Goes Belly Up'janitor
Season 4, '2 Good 2 Be 4 Real'entertainment
Season 4, 'Relief Bartender'bartender
Season 5, 'Spellbound'entertainment
Season 6, 'Home is the Sailor'bartender
Season 6, 'Little Carla, Happy at Last: Part 2'bartender
Season 6, 'Tale of Two Cuties'waitress
Season 6, 'Tale of Two Cuties'waitress
Season 6, 'Slumber Party Massacred'temp waitress
Season 7, 'One Happy Chappy in a Snappy Serape'bartender
Season 8, 'Finally!: Part 2'entertainment
Season 9 'Cheers Fouls Out'bartender
Season 9 'Rebecca Redux'manager
Season 9, 'Home Malone'waitress
Season 10, 'Get Your Kicks on Route 666'bartender
Season 10, 'A Diminished Rebecca with a Suspended Cliff'entertainment
Season 11, 'The Magnificent Six'bartender
Season 11, 'Teaching with the Enemy'bouncer
Season 11, 'The Last Picture Show'bartender/manager
Season 11, 'Do Not Forsake Me, O Postman'advertising agent

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