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InsultSnappy ComebackNumber of words
Every enemy I've met I've annihilated!8
You're as repulsive as a monkey in a negligee.7
Heaven preserve me! You look like something that's died!9
I'll skewer you, like a sow at a buffet.10
Killing you would be justifiable homicide.7
En garde! Touché!5
Throughout the Caribbean my great deeds are celebrated!5
When your father first saw you, he must have been mortified.6
InsultSnappy ComebackNumber of words
You can't match my witty repartee.9
I can't rest until you've been exterminated!7
You're the ugliest monster ever created.9
I'll leave you devastated, mutilated and perforated.9
Coming face to face with me must leave you petrified.10
I'll hound you night and day!7
Would you like to be buried or cremated?8

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