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Forced Order
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David Dunn, Malcolm Crowe
Maggie Fitzgerald, Brandon Teena
Tyler Durden, David Mills
Elle Woods, June Carter
Alonzo Harris, Herman Boone
Teddy Daniels, Jack Dawson
Fox, Amelia Donaghy
Kyle Pratt, Clarice Starling
Yuri Orlov, Memphis Raines
Melvin Udall, Jack Torrance
Evey, Nina Sayers
Oskar Schindler, Henri Ducard
Robert Angier, Wolverine
Tess Ocean, Anna Scott
John Patrick Mason, James Bond
Bill Cutting, Daniel Plainview
Miranda Grey, Storm
Sam Dawson, Jimmy Markum
Ellis Boyd Redding, William Somerset
Agent Smith, Elrond
Irene Adler, Clare Abshire
John Milton, Tony Montana
Rose DeWitt Bukater, Clementine Kruczynski
Travis Bickle, Jake La Motta
Dicky Eklund, Alfred Borden
John H. Miller, Paul Edgecomb
Daisy, Katharine Hepburn
Chris Gardner, Mike Lowrey
Sophie, Miranda Priestly
Ben Wade, John Nash

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